is this normal?

14 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom
Hey all

Just finished a job for a customer and now they are playing funny beggers!

As the job was going on i was constantly asking the customer "is there any other bits you want done, any bits i've missed?" every time the answer was no. Now i walked around the garden with the customer asking if there was any problems

when i finished the job i asked the customer again " is there any bits ive missed or anything your unhappy with?" again the answer was no

I was then paid for the job collected my tools and headed home on the premise that i would be back a couple of weeks later to apply a pesticide in the garden when the weather allowed.

Now 10 days later the customer is saying whats happening with this area why is this not done etc

wtf do i do? i've been back and everything was ok, now im just thinking the customer is trying to take the mickey? trying to be awkward?
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I've met and worked for some pretty strange customers. One was really happy with all of the work done until 5 weeks after. Had fitted a kitchen for them and took photographs etc. 5 weeks later they phone up saying they were not happy with one of the doors. Went round to find their dog had chewed one corner of it, and they were trying to blame me, for not pointing out that dogs have teeth. ;) ;)
Why you should get as snagging list drawn up. Get the client to sign that off.
Then when they pay, get another signature that the work is completed to their satisfaction.
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If they have paid you and you have given them a invoice/receipt then the job is done, just point out that all you have left is the pesticide.

Its always best to meet customers face to face when they 'say' they have a problem. Over the phone they may scream and shout but when standing in front of them they always seem so much more calmer.