Jethro's Got Fleas



Flea walks into a travel agents in Truro & says it wants to go somewhere hot. Agents says that Jethro has just booked to Spain & will be leaving in 3 days, "why don't you jump on his head & tag along".

Next day the flea is back at the travel agents complaining that Jethro ain't got much hair up there, it's too cold & so greasy he's slipping around all over the place. So the travel agent suggests the flea jumps into Jethro's beard.

Next day the flea is back again. "What now?" exclaims the travel agent. "What now? What now?" cries the flea. "I'll tell you what now, he went out on the **** last night & you should hear the filth that comes out of that mouth. I nearly drowned in all the beer he drank & then he stops off for a curry. Kept me up all night, he was mumbling & belching, I'm not havin my holiday in that, I wants my money back".

"I'll tell you what, he's taking his missus along, why don't you jump in her fanny & spend your holiday in there, hurry up they're leaving early tommorrow".

Monday morning the flea is back at the travel agents. "You should be in Spain, what's gone wrong"?

"I'll tell you what's wrong. I jumps in her fanny & it's lovely & moist down there. Bit whiffy mind but when we gets to Spain she's straight on with a bikini & lies down on the sun lounger reading a book & listening to music. I'm catching some rays & It was like heaven I tell you".

"So what on earth are you back here for?"

"Cos I was having such a lovely time in her fanny I fell asleep & when I wakes up next morning I'M BACK IN HIS BLOODY BEARD".
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