JL Washer Dryer stops cycle abruplty. No dryer function

15 Jan 2018
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United Kingdom
So after a weeks holiday. I've come home to find my John Lewis Washer dryer no longer wants to work properly (maybe some sort of protest for us going on holiday without it)

It will complete the wash cycle seemingly fine, but then as it moves onto the rinse cycle, it seems to loop out. Filling the drum a slight amount each time, then agitating the clothes, stops for about 40 seconds, has a think. Then repeats the process. This will carry on for about 15 minutes until the drum is half full of water, and the machine, seemingly pleased with what it's accomplished...will say the cycle has finished. I then have to turn it off and on and manually put it onto a drain/spin cycle, which it does without problem.

The Dryer functions also seem to have stopped working. The drum will spin, but no heat or dryer fans are present.

A visual check in the back and top of the machine shows nothing obvious. Have checked continuity across the two thermostats on the dryer and heating element for the water (after buying a new element needlessly...doh). But that's about as far as my fault finding goes.

Any thoughts or suggestions before I call someone out would be really welcomed?
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