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10 Apr 2020
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United Kingdom
I’ve had an extension done and naturally wanted the outside to look smart. The builder used K Rend but every couple of feet there’s a weep vent, which looks horrendous! K Rend say their product is porous but can’t advise, Building control have been less than helpful. Also, how easy is badly done rendering to fix? Any thoughts?


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Thing is the lot has to come off otherwise you will lose the drip edge on the coping stones...you would end up with black run Mark's down the render.
Any chance the builder can get it sorted out?
Alastairreid - I’m trying but he’s currently unresponsive. There are a million other problems in BC addition to the rendering too.
Presumably the render goes around the L/H corner flank wall, and goes further to the right - is the inside the parapet wall rendered?
The parapet caps are not wide enough - the drip throat should be about 40mm from the wall.
Maybe the weeps are from cavity trays in the wall?
Is the chute draining a flat roof or gutters?

BCO's job is to "enforce" the Regs - nothing else.
They are not there to comment on the standard of work.
However, many BCO's will give valuable hints and tips - listen up.
Bobasd- it doesn’t go any further round to the right but does to the left. Inside the parapet looks rendered but not with the same stuff. The chute is draining a flat roof.

I had your asked the BCO about the quality but about whether there needed to be so many weep vents and whether they could be covered.

What’s the drip throat?
The drip edge is a groove etched into the underside of the coping stones to cast rainwater from the wall which in turn prevents unsightly run Mark's down the wall.
Rendering on top of existing will result in the loss of the groove.
Thanks for the info.
Whatever, leave the weeps alone.
Given the standard of rendering, why not go on the flat roof and photo it and its flashing, and the the chute?
The main roof down pipe appears to be discharging onto the flat roof, so there could be lots of water draining from up there?

If the render doesn't return on the right then how is that return wall finished?
On the lower RH side strange detailing of gutters can be seen - why not pic that whole area?
A plastic Bellcast should have been fitted above the doorway head.

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