Kalos starting problem

27 Jun 2014
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United Kingdom
Chevrolet Kalos 1.4 '05
I'm a complete girl with any kind of mechanical things so please be patient.
I've had a tun of repairs in the last 6 mths and hoping this one isn't as bad.

It turns over fine and mechanic confirmed that the starter is ok, the battery constantly goes flat...but the mechanic wouldn't commit to saying it is just the battery. It has in the last 2 weeks new leads and a new ignition coil.

It turns over but there is No Spark at all to the plugs. It won't jump start, it will only start if the battery is charged to 75% and with a push start. Once it is started and ran for 5 minutes it will start again straight away, left running for 10 mins and it will start after being off for 5mins to 30mins. Leave it for an hr or more and it won't start again.

The mechanic says that it could be the battery, a sensor somewhere, wiring, fuel pump or anything inbetween.
I have spent nearly £2000 in 6mths and cannot really afford for a mechanic to do a full test of everything to be told it is the battery after all lol. Any ideas are really welcome right now.
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I would suggest asking a friend etc to hook the car up to another via a set of jump leads and see if it starts any better.
I cant see it being the battery personally but its difficult to diagnose without seeing.
A flat battery will not cause no spark, but it will leave the engine turning very slow, so I'm not sure about the no spark bit? Fuel pump a possibility, but it wouldn't start at all?

Battery test:
When you get the car going take it for a drive in daylight hours and try not to use any electrics on the car. Hopefully this will charge the battery up so you can test it. Fifteen or twenty minutes at a constant speed should do it.
Then disconnect the battery and leave it for over an hour. Reconnect the battery and see if it has life to crank the engine quickly? If it has hopefully the car will start. If it will not turn the engine quickly, there is a good chance its the battery. Especially if it starts when you put jump leads from another car onto your battery as mentioned above.

Disconnecting the battery will loose your radio code if it needs one to turn on, but you probably have had it disconnected before now with all this hassle you are having.

Have you a mate that you could ask to help you?

Let us know how you get on .................

The battery contain acid, but as long as you are careful, you'll be fine.
On an 05 vehicle, the battery has to be living on borrowed time.......in the good old days, cranking the engine would leave no juice for the coil but the engine would always push start.
If it was my car, a new battery, plus a charging test would be on its way.
John :)
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we've ruled out the ignition coil, battery, starter, leads and spark plugs. i was told that the engine management light would come on if it was electrical or fuel pump. No one knows what else it could be.
I'm about ready to scrap the car completely.
A new battery was fitted yesterday but it still wouldn't start on its on...strangely today we tow started it and since then it has started everytime, left it for 2 hrs and it still started on its own. Apart from being towed nothing was done differently with it, personally i think its acting like a kid lol.
Thanks for the replies