starting problems

6 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
Simply, car won't start off the key, but if i bump it its fine, the starter motor sounds fine, (i can hear it whiring) been bump starting for the last 2 weeks but i have some time this weekend, any ideas??

I was wondering if i got a heavy duty battery if that would work? right now i have a standard battery, but it powers the engine, cd player and four 6x9 speakers. Do i need more power??
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With your name im guessing its a dub you own?!

What car / year?
1964 Bug,

meant to write more before i posted that, converted to 12 volt, with a 1600 engine, i reckon i shall take the starter motor out and clean up the connections, and prob instal a split charge relay and wack a second battery in to run the sound system off.

that should prob do it for now!!
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See if it starts with a jump start first, if it does then a new battery should sort it.

Other than that i'd be replacing the dizzy cap and rotor, cleaning the plugs and checking the ballast resistor.
If the starter motor is spinning, then sounds like the pinion is stuck - remove motor and clean the shaft - assuming it's not a pre-engaged starter motor!