Puegoet 206- Starting problems 1st thing in morning only

30 Apr 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi, Im hoping someone might be able to have an educated guess at a problem thats baffled me for sometime over the last 3-4 weeks.
I have a petrol powered Peugoet 206 1350cc GLX 5dr on a 52 plate. (61000 miles).
Problem- I was first alerted to the digital timer resetting itself from the correct time previousley displayed, this coupled with the fact that ive been having to bump my car first thing each morning to get her started, once shes started shes fine, starts first time everytime, until the next morning, then i have to bump her again.
When i place the key into the ignition and go to start her it sounds like the battery is just about to die kinda sound. Howvere theres a little more to it which is why i dont think its a bad battery, its central locking and when i turn the ignition key to start her in the morning all the locks in the car click, as if im unlocking all the doors with the fob key. Ive even had wipers that have come on, lights etc. It seems obvious to me it aint the battery, could this be the starter or the alternator?
Also, a couple of times this has happened recently too, ive turn the key and it started up but rev'd very high, everyone looked as u can imagine but its not a sticky pedal, wondering if this incident could be tied in to the problem i have now> Same thing?

Any help would be cool, the battery does light up on the dashboard and doesnt disappear so all roads point to the battery, just a bit wierd thats all.
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This does sound like a battery (or connections) that is below par, but can you connect a good battery to yours using jump leads? That should prove things beyond doubt. Have the donor cars engine running when you try to start.
John :)
I would agree. Connect a meter across the battery, if it reads 16+ volts with the engine running its charging OK so will likely be the battery.

Lads would it not be better to disconnect the cars own battery the night before and reconnect the next morning?

If it starts, obviously the car is discharging the battery overnight, if it doesn't start it's the battery? Or am I missing something?

Simples? ....... :)

I'd say it's chatging the battery when the car runs/starts fine all day?
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Yes that would be a good idea, but to run a battery flat overnight takes a lot of current drain but a battery in poor condition with low capacity could run flat just by leaving the radio on. Ideally it needs an amp meter connected in series with the battery to check the drain, to run a good battery flat overnight would need a current draw of about 4 amps which would at least produce some heat. I would still suspect the battery but its worth doing a standing current test.

Got it working, it fired up straight away using a mates jumps cables, I like the idea of disconnecting the battery overnight, at least that might help me to get to payday without anymore bumping it, kills me, lol..

I'll put up the problem sometime friday when a mech looks at it, thankyou for the help so far especially to the guy talking about disconnecting overnight, I like the sound of that a lot, Thankyou

Also before I go, I was topping up the fluids today and saw that the radiator fluid resivour was called 'Coolant resivour' the manual told me to use only a reccommended coolant, I was thinking simple water with some antifreeze in it, that ok? I do have air conditioning in the car is this resivour they are talking about? So simple water wouldnt be any good yeah?
yeah once the car is started it runs fine all day long, no matter how many times i turn it off and on again, even if theres a couple or so hours in between, she always starts fine.
But never first thing in the morning unless i bump, or use jump leads.
When the engine is cold the oil is thicker and it needs a lot more energy to turn it over and once you have started it the battery has had a boost. If you disconnect the battery overnight and it starts OK the next morning the battery may be OK but if it doesn't it isn't.

The coolant you top up keeps the engine from overheating. Nothing to do with air con.

It is water based, so a little water will be fine, just don't dilute the anti-freeze too much. So the mix you are using half water half anti freeze will be spot-on.
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