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29 Sep 2003
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have fitted my kitchen base units in situ but they are not yet screwed in place. I have a couple of questions. :LOL:
The units are on a new screed floor with tiles over underfloor heating up to the legs. The height of the units from the tiled surface including the worktop is 925mm. ;)
I read that the height of the base units should be 870mm from floor level. I am at about 895mm. If I set them at 870mm I will have to cut about 50mm off the kick board. :confused:
Secondly, what is the best way to screw the units to the wall. There is a gap of about 70mm between the back rail and the wall. :confused:
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870mm base unit is the standard height, the reason for this is to get a average height suitable for the average people difference height. It's a little higher than a standard height but are you comfortable with it, no good if you're below average height. What works in other kitchens may not necessarily be of any use to you so your kitchen is custom made to suit you. Make up a temporary same thickness of your worktop and put it on the base unit. I don't know if you're a family, if so try it out to see if it feel comfortable, that I mean cut a bread on the breadboard and make the tea etc because this is important to feel right for everybody bearing in mind the wall unit will be a little higher if the top is going to be the same level as a housing unit if you're having one.
There is a gap of about 70mm between the back rail and the wall
You should have some L-shape bracket or side fitting which goes onto the edge of the unit.
:D Thanks for the advice Masona, I will double check. I have already done as you suggested and tried the kitchen with the worktop on. Thats what made me think it was a bit high. I have just looked at the measurements and think that I can lower it by around 15mm which should help.
:confused: I wondered what those brackets were for. The last kitchen I fitted had a rail across the back which you screwed to the wall.
Out of interest, where did the units come from because just wondered why it's slightly high.
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:rolleyes: It's a long story, my wife saw a Schreiber kitchen she liked at MFI. The day we were going to order it a friend took us to Howdens and we bought the same kitchen (Read identical, Howdens are part of the MFI group) for over £1400 LESS (£3200 at MFI and £1763 including VAT at Howdens), and it was in stock. Delivered three days later.
The problem is not the kitchen. It's the fact that the floor level around the units has been raised by 15 - 20mm due to the underfloor heating mat and ceramic tiles. I have to find a happy medium otherwise the kickboard will look out of proportion if I cut it down too much.
Not sure if I'm reading this right, can you not have the base unit to the same level as the flooring ?
:LOL: Yes you could tile under the units. Only problem the is that they would be too high in relation to two existing window ledges. The splashback would be tiny. It's turning out to be a bit of a trade off, one thing against the other. I am having to please the eye more than the tape measure if you see what I mean.:cool:
Don't forget to allow clearance for built under units, if you have a free standing cooker/range it is usual to have the top level with the worktop.

Ensure you have the worktop projecting at least 10mm from the door fronts, not carcase fronts as 70mm sounds quite a large gap.

Jasonb said:
70mm sounds quite a large gap.
I think Sye mean the backing board of the base unit which 70mm is about right.
Your quite right, I was thinking of the carcase sides, from what I can remember of the last MFI units I did they are quite shallow internally.

:D We are going out for something to eat now, no kitchen remember. I have managed to get the tops of the units to 875mm which looks good. This height still gives me a reasonable splash back and depth on the kick boards. It looks OK and seems about right when making a cup of tea.
Thanks for all your help.
:eek: ;) :D

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