Kitchen Tap-can I just use a flexi hoses instead of pipe?

16 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom
Totally newbie question: I have just bought a new kitchen tap (Abobe Altas Monobloc) and it came with 2 copper tail pipes to run from the tap to the water supply. However my current tap is connected using flexi hoses - am I okay to bin off the copper pipes and just use the existing flexi hoses to connect to the tap? Not sure if there is any side effects regards water pressure etc.

Thank you.
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With the old tap off, unscrew the flexy pipes and check that the 'o' rings are in perfect condition.
If the thread is the same from old to new then you can go ahead, (some aren't - they are not universal).
Personally I'd use the new tails and connect to your supply with compression fittings.
John :)
Are the supplied tails an essential reducer from 15 pipe to fit into the tap?
There is no reason other than aesthetics to avoid flrxi hoses but work out what you will be connecting and what end fittings will be needed for the flexi.

Thanks for the replies. I cannot see any mention of the pipes acting as a reducer but they do taper slightly. Please see attached pics - they might give a clearer picture.

The installation says in the last step:
'8. Connect the hot and cold tail pipes to the water main using a 1/2" BSPx15mm compression fittings.'

The main reason I want to use the flexi hose is because that the hot and cold supply pipes are at odd heights and look like they would be a pain to connect using solid copper pipes and fittings.
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There are those who say that flexi hoses encourage legionaires due to an incident at a hospital. Most people don't worry though.
Those copper tails are 15mm diameter, and therefore will fit into any 15mm fitting - compression, push, solder, plastic et al.
Again, its the threads on the other end that play the important part here.....they may screw in fine, but they may not!
John :)
Cheers for all the help guys - looks like there will be no major side effects so i'll see if the threads fit and go for flexi option.

thanks again

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