lay concrete sand before turf ???

28 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, i have been advised to lay concrete sand before turf. Is this right??

If it is, how much? Are we talking a sprinkling or an inch?

I know you get something called sandy loam, will the concrete sand do the same trick and how much would you normally lay? Garden is 70 m2.

I have read all the tips on how to lay turf and no one states concrete sand is a good idea, will it just kill the new turf?


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what is the soil like, and how have you prepared it?
Not trying to be condescending as i can't even spell it but what you are refering to is more commonly called sharp sand. Just thought i'd mention it to make it easier when you come to ordering it etc.

It is put down on gardens or soil pre lawn to improve drainage. Preperation is the key to good lawns and you need to answer johns question before more advice could be delivered.
Hi, the soil is pretty okay. The previous owners had slabs down so in some areas there is a good spread of sand.

The rest of the soil is good. The garden had a lot of high spots so i have had to dig and remove loads. In doing this i have cleared out all the stones and crap.

There is a few weeds starting to come through since i did the clearing but nothing to worry about.

Didn't realise sharp sand and concrete sand were the same thing. I thought sharp sand was used when in mortar for building walls and concrete sand because it has very small stones in it was better suited to concrete. If they are the same thing then thats cool.
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Its fairly dark and sandy in patches. I assume there is plenty of moisture underneath hence the reason its dark. The soil is not chalky or organic.

Apart from digging it over and levelling it, i have done nothing else. I haven't used any fertilliser or added any chemicals etc.
if it is a light sandy soil without clay, it does not have the need for additional sand.

Sand is more use on a heavy, wet soil that does not drain well.

But dig a little hole to make sure the light texture is at least a foot deep.

Coarse, gritty sand with an admixture of sifted compost is good for top-dressing hollow or low patches in your lawn if it settles unevenly after it is established.
who recommended the sand? If it was someone who has seen your garden then maybe follow their advice but if they said this as a 'that's what your supposed to do' comment then i'd say forget it. If you are happy with the soil i'd say your fine and would only recommend the sand if it was heavy clay.

I assume that under your slabbed area there is no hardcore under the sand?

If not then your next move is to dig the soil over well with a fork/ rotavator and if you like add a bit of fertilizer. At this point you may want to add a bit of top soil to make the leveling easier and improve the soil.

Then lightly roll it all to firm it up a bit and your ready to go. Water well and rake it lightly when about to lay. Buy turf from a decent supplier not a diy shed.
Hi, i didn't lay sand first, as per the recommend comments.

I got the turf from a TGA supplier, i think thats like a membership association. The turf was perfect and freshly cut that morning.

Pretty easy to lay, the hardest part is carrying it the length of the garden to lay. Its pretty heavy stuff!!

Thanks for the advice.

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