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9 May 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone

Was just after some advice/tips, I have abt 30 sq metres of land which I'm going to lay a patio on, i have put a really thick membrane down over this bit of land and over the top i have abt 5 - 6 inches of crushed stone ready to be whacked down with a whacker plate.
Anyway would I have been better to just whack the stone straight into the soil under the membrane that way it's making it firmer, or can I whack this 5 inches straight onto the membrane?

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I hope you dug off the topsoil etc?? What was your 'thick membrane'?

The only type of membrane you should be using under paving is a geotextile and the correct place for it is under the hardcore to seperate soil and hardcore and add reinforcement.

Trying to compact 6'' of crushed stone in one layer takes serious beef. You will need at least 15 passes all over with a vibrating roller. A vibrating plate will probably not be man enough for the job.

If you only have a wacker available then you really need to remove some of the material and try and compact it in 2 x 75mm layers.
I can't see what benefit the membrane is giving you. Normally I have whacked the MOT straight onto already compacted soil.
Yes I've been told that the membrane I've put down isn't serving much of a purpose. I will remove it then.

I'll remove the crushed stone to get the membrane out then put maybe 2-3 inches back over the land, whacker plate down and maybe add another two inches and repeat process, is this fine to do?

I am a novice as you can tell :)
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I've just got a similar job to do, but would need a professional, who are hard to find a reputable one.

We're re-doing our garden. We plan to put paving on to our old concrete patio and lay new path through the middle of to be newly laid lawn and edging at the sides. Wonder how much the cost is. We showed one, who did our driveway, is very good but very expensive and wanted to find another estimate.

New paving on existing very old concrete area to be paved. 3.5m xs 6.5m
new path leading to the shed. 63cm wide and 10m long.
new lawn to be laid. 10m xs 3.5m
concrete edging on both sides of the lawn.

How much do you think it'll cost?
The membrane would act to stabilise your hardcore if its over soft or clayey other words it stops the stones being pushed into the wet soil. It won't do any harm where it is, even if not needed, but the other points raised on wacking that depth of hardcore still stand.

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