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5 Jul 2005
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United Kingdom

I am planning on capping my plastic bay window with Code 4 Lead.

Am I right in thinking I need to mount the lead on 18mm ply.
If so how will I stick the ply and then the lead?


p.s. any other tips on this job will help
Thanks Again :eek:
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You don`t stick lead ;) But if you are just after a cosmetic effect from the lead...A picture of bay would be useful :idea:
My english leaves a lot to be desired.

I meant how do I fix the ply to the plastic UPVC top of the bay.
I think the lead then just lays on the ply. I may clip the lead into the brickwork though
At the moment it i not leaking but I know it is only a matter of time.
The bay is 3 meters wide and about 350 deep. Its a flat top.

I was planning of fixing the ply and then laying the lead under the existing lead flashings

I have been quoted nearly £300 but I can but the lead for £70 and do it myself.

Three metres is to long for code 4 so it's not simply a matter of laying the lead out.. hence the £300.... can you post a picture?
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Hi. If fitted correctly the lead will last for decades. However as has been said, the length you describe must be divided up into smaller bays. And its a case of the more you do the luckier you get. Forming the roll ends etc is difficult with out some previous experience, and can end up with a lot of scrap lead. As a guide have a look at the link http://justlead.co.uk/news/ there are images of sheet lead roofs, although deeper than your the same layout applies. Good Luck
I would not recommend you do this yourself.

Even some so-called roofers are not aware of what is involved with this kind of work.

As the lead pro's above have stated, a roof of your size, although not large, will require rolls etc to deal with the expansion. You don't just roll out a 2' sheet of lead then dress it into position!

If you do try and do it in one hit it wont last long before it buckles and splits.

I would also recommend insulating the deck at the same time.
As this is a diy forum ;) I suggest that welts could be done instead of rolls - but each one filled with lead sealant so that the expansion can take place and the water don`t get in :idea: It`s something a keen diy`er could do . (In fact I`m going to mock one up myself ..I have about 10 feet of old 18" lead lying in the garden) How long will the silicone sealer last? is the only question. I`m just going to the garden ...I may be some time
I've done a few of these using leadmate,really go to town with the wire brush.Do both facing sides of the lead with the wire brush,then i put two lines of sealant and dress the lead back down.Clean up the excess lead that might sqeeze out with a rag.
Make sure it`s a LEADWORKING roofer -or you`ll end up with Roy or Pete :cry:
Make sure it`s a LEADWORKING roofer -or you`ll end up with Roy or Pete :cry:

The two blokes who run the cafe by me are called Roy and Pete. Could it be them? I think they bat for the other team though. Well thats what most of us think.
:LOL: Diddacai Roy and ***** Pete :idea: do they allow that behavior in their culture :?:

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