Leaking radiator valve

22 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom

I am doing a lot of work in my extension and had to remove the
radiator. I took the radiator off a couple of days ago quite easily
although had a bit of trouble undoing the nut on the control valve
side. After a bit of careful force I got the nut loose and took the
radiator off.

Since then I have noticed a very minor leak from where the valve meets
the pipe that comes up from underneath the floor. I tried tightening
the valve just above the pipe but this seemed to do nothing. If fact it
was turning but not tightening anything.

I plan on getting a plumber in to move the radiator pipes out from the
wall (am putting thermo board in the wall) and re-fitting a new
radiator. However,
I am not planning on doing this for a month or two. Does anyone have
any advice on how I can stop the leak permanently or even temporarily?

Any advice is much appreciated. Don\\\'t really want to get a plumber out
twice or drain the system now to fix the issue and again when I need
the plumber in a couple of months.


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Well I have to say this is no suprise. Just another day, just another radiator off for decorating, just another rad valve forced against the pipe trying to undo the nut.

I very often get this and it is simply because you didnt hold against the force you were exerting on the nut by using another pair of grips exerting a similar pressure the opposite way on the valve (does that make sense?)

At worst you have split the pipe, but I would expect alot more water or at best you have damage the olive or the valve.

Either way you need to hold the valve with one pair of grips against the direction you want to tighten the nut.

And most importantly do that next time you want to undo or tighten any radiator valve
Thank you for the advice. I will try that this evening. I did use a second pair of grips to exert pressure on the valve in the opposite direction but the valve was very tight and I guess I didn't exert enough pressure (or too much)


Sadly I've done the same thing.

Panneirstan is absolutely correct, but you don't offer a solution to the problem. Is it possible to simply seal the joint with a resin or something?

Mine is dripping about one drop every 10 to 20 seconds. so not a great deal.

any temp solutions would be most welcome.
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Drain down and replace the valve if it is knackered.

Inspect the pipe for any damage and make sure it is fitted right home inside the valve.

Wrap some ptfe tape around the olive for belt and braces. :D

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