Leaky tap - washer and seating set; does it exist?!

19 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

This is my first post, so firstly a hello to everyone here.

My bathroom basin mixer tap leaks, I've tried fitting a thicker washer to the jumper valve end where it meets the seat but this only fixes it temporarily. I don't think that replacing the jumper valve wouldn't solve the clearance problem, and the tap's too old for spares anyway although it's still a good unit and matches everything else.

I grinded the seat, which is brass (so they corrode, then after several grinds wear out and you have to buy a new tap - yes?) and didn't go mad but clearly this has been done before as the washer cannot be pushed far enough to create a good seal. The new washer seems to compress a little and then it leaks again. I can feel the end of the thread has been reached rather than the washer being squashed to its limit.

I read in the reader's digest diy manual there is such a thing as a tap washer and seating set, which comprises a replacement washer and an insert to sit into the valve seat, thus lessening the clearance allowing a good seal. I have included the section in the (compressed) picture below:


Anyone know if these valve seat repair kits exist, and where I can buy them?

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Well, they did exist and actually worked .but I don`t know where they can be got now :cry: Long time since I used one.
Thanks. Can you recommend any good mail order companies which might be worth trying? All my local stores are clueless; perhaps this is because its a discontinued part, but a store that's been around a few years must know about them... any pointers would be very much appreciated.
I had same response from my local plumbers' merchants (vaguely remembered them, they said, but..)

Found some online but only available to trade, one set of wrong size on ebay, sets mentioned on B&Q and Homebase helpful tips to cure a dripping tap (but not offering them on sale) and after about an hour of searching they turned up at Focus DIY online. Better if you can drive to one as they charge £5 delivery but in rural Dorset, would cost that in petrol to get to store in any case. This answer is too late for the poster from 2006, but as I found this query in searching for the item, maybe others will find this helpful.
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be aware that if the original seat is scoured then these won't work as water gets under them, you would still need to reseat the tap
Wow, I wasn't expecting another reply! I've since moved to Bournemouth so I can bring the bit with me, easier than it would have been whilst living in Shaftesbury.

Thanks for the post though, one day it'll be useful again :D
All really helpful, thanks! I wondered about the domed washers. We've ground the seats as much as seems possible I think so hope this is going to work. Last time I didn't bother and replaced all the taps. Now we face this again only just over a year later, I think I have to try something else..will let everyone know if it works. The taps are supposedly good quality. Pipes are ancient though, I assume debris gets in.

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