linseed oil paint - not drying

16 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
I have painted an external door and frame with linseed oil paint. (priming first will linseed oil.)
The problem is that the door as dried nicely, but the frame refuses to dry, in fact just when i think is is starting to harden it seems to soften up again. (the paint as been on two weeks now in good weather).

The only difference is that the door is new and the frame is original (100+ year old pine) that was stripped with a caustic stripper, this did seem to soften the wood surface so it may have soaked up too much oil when priming, just a theory.

The paint stripper was properly neutralized and checked with a litmus test.

Do I just leave it and it will dry eventually? Is there any other option now I have used this paint? I have spoken to Holkham who supplied the paint a couple of times but with no response.

I am in no hurry really, as long as it will dry eventually, but it is very frustrating. I guess this is why they invented Dulux Gloss.
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Primed with linseed oil :?: Never heard of that...and I`ve 2 generations of decorators before me..Grandfather started in 1920 . Wait for Zampa to answer :idea: Just googled it ...another of those "green " building products..... Get it off and get some Lead Based on it ;) Didn`t kill my Dad or Grandad....
As Nige said why linseed oil. Oil will always stay soft and as such whatever you put over it will not dry properly, bit like painting over wax or grease, its always tacky !!! When you say Linseed oil paint what do you mean ? A good oil based primer or an aluminium primer if its a hardwood, then undercoat and top coat.
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The paint is a linseed oil based paint, used because it is vapour permeable as well as behind durable (wont crack or peel).

The recommended practice is to coat the wood with linseed oil first before painting.

As mentioned this process worked fine on the door, I was hoping someone had experience with this type of paint and might have some ideas of what went wrong with the frame.

As an update I think the problem is the paint stripper used, this as softened up the wood surface allowing it to soak up the oil, the oil would normally penetrate but not to the extent it has.

As a test I have scrapped the soft surface from a small area and re-painted. Hopefully this will work.

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