Lock Snapped... opps what now?!

19 Feb 2003
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United Kingdom
Hey need a little help .. recently moved home and have 2 patio doors, 1 i can open with the provided key, the other doesnt open..

in my wisdom i decided to try and change the lock having already changed the front door lock. However without the key i decided to snap the lock.. I followed the guides online and have managed to snap it.. unfortunately I now have the entire lock out but it was in the locked position so the door will not open and i have a screw still in place preventing me from putting another lock in..

any suggestions / help is most welcome.



Picture of Door:

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If you play with one of your new locks you will see where the cap turns and be able to deduce the lever it pushs inside the door. Just flick the leaver over with a flat screwdriver.
I also just spotted that this is the slave door.
Is the fixing screw visible through the mullion? If not you either need to take the mullion off or drill a hole through it to get the screw out and in.
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thanks all for taking the time.. so i've tried to manually flick the door mechanism lever after checking both doors and identifying what seems to have been the lever.. then what looked like the lever dropped out.. kinda looks like a plastic wall plug.. see pic..

beginning to wonder if i can redeem the situation now or whether i am progressively making things worse.

is it worth waving the white flag and getting a locksmith in?

lever pic:
door no handle:
door close up:
Ah yes that could be a problem.

Before you go calling someone in it could well be worth drilling that hole I mentioned to get the screw out, Once thats out you can just try the new lock in to be sure.
thanks but how do i drill out the screw if i can't open the door?
Sorry I thought your door had 2 handles and this was the slave door.

Strange to have a plastic bit fall out. I have only ever seen metal levers. It will be at the top of the lock and should in theory be in the center and need pushing to the left.
Its been a while since I had opened a door this way so I just did it on my kitchen door to double check.

Its as I said the lever should be in the middle (see my pic below) and should need pushing to the left (from the inside).

I made myself a key using the cam from an old cylinder and fixed it to a t bar, you can also buy the same thing, before that I used a bent screwdriver lol
Good thinking but to be honest Ive got more than enough tools in my van (and sheds and garden) :LOL:

I will stick with a flat screwdriver for now.

I have only ever resorted to snapping twice. I have a lock picking kit and can open most Euro locks in under a minute.
I really, really! keep meaning to upgrade the locks on my house to ABS locks. One day if I ever manage to get off the internet long enough :oops:
Ahhh... A picture really does paint a thousand words, thank you Gazman!!!

I really appreciate your persistence and patience in helping me fix this.
found this amongst my tools and it did the trick.. £ shop job but worth a few million when you don't have one!

never before has the sound of a door unlocking been greeted with such a jubilant cheer and fist pumping!

once again thank you.

nice to see the internet isn't all trolls and weirdos.

temporarily grateful, :LOL:
themalman :D

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