Loft conversion in a bungalow, fire doors

25 Aug 2020
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United Kingdom
Loft conversion in a bungalow.
Does the converted space need a door?

I want to partition part of the lounge, removing the door and using the longe doorway as the entrance to the stairs.

To achieve a landing top and bottom no door will be fitted top or bottom of the flight.
The stairs will lead straight from the entrance hall into the loft bedroom.

I know this probably wouldn't be ideal but reading the regs for myself I cant find anything that states a fire door or any door is necessary but I'm receiving conflicting advice.

No doubt my interpretation is wrong.


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This is OK, however if I understand it correctly, bed 1 and 2 will effectively be escaping into the hall that has no separation from the first floor bedroom as there are no doors on the stairs. am inner room situation. You will need to fit escape windows to bed 1 and 2 if not already fitted. Smoke detection will be required in any case due to the loft conversion.
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Not a great diagram of the stairs.
Will be a 3 tread winder at the top.
So this new first floor room will actually be an extended part of the ground floor Hall?
I hadn't looked at it like that Before frutbunn’s reply, but yes.

Im trying to squeeze the staircase in at this point because it will enter the loft space at the highest point and takes up least downstairs space.

The downstairs hall will be the landing at the bottom of the stairs.

the winder staircase will make the new loft room the landing.
Tallest part of the roof at the top of the stairs.
Hence why I want the stairs in that location.
I’m confused as to why you’d go the expense of carrying out a loft conversion of which would only be a loft ‘area’ as opposed to a separate habitable room? What purpose or value would it add?
So, I guess this is a typical semi-detached bungalow, with a hipped roof all around, and a floor-to-'floor' height ca. 2.8m - 3m and further ca. 2.5-2.8m to the underside of the ridge? I guess this would give you a usable floor space (i.e. min. 1.8m headroom) of ca. 10m2 in the loft space, and with a bit of useful additional storage all around. And for which you'd have to sacrifice 3 or 4m2 at ground floor for the stair itself - although some of that could also be storage.

Obviously, it's your choice to do what you like with your property, but I'd just want to be confident that the additional space at 1st floor was really worth it, as opposed to say just retaining the loft space as storage, with east access via a modern, retractable ladder.

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