Loft Ladder With Closable Hatch?

12 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
I know there are loads of loft ladder posts but I couldnt find an answer to my question form searching a bit so sorry for another ladder post.

Basically, I am wanting to install a loft ladder but would like it if I can still close the hatch when the ladder is in the down position. (keep going up and down for the stuff I will be storing up there would be so much easier just opening and closing the hatch while being able to leave the ladder down for a couple of hours stretch)

I know that most ladders have an extension at the top when in the down position (beter for health & safety) but would imagine that if such a product exists then it would fix to the side face of the joist around the hatch (I would be fine with this arrangement).

My main question is.. does such a ladder/fittings product exist to do this job?

PS: My current hatch is a non-standard size and I hope to avoid altering its size and shape if at all possible.

Thanks a lot for your time in reading.

Alex ( BobSpoons )
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how are you going to close the hatch if the ladder is in the way?

and if you could it would need a cut out shape to go around the ladder, but then what would you do when the ladder is up?
What I mean is a ladder that has a top that is flush with the ceiling, then the hatch will close over the top of it (above) and so the ladder would not be in the way of the hatch closing.
No need then to cut around the ladder shape.

The only way I can think of to do it is to be able to get a ladder that can be fixed to the exposed sides of the timbers trimming out the hatch, with the top of the ladder being below the top of the joists.
I know that there would be a problem in that once the ladder is "up" then its fixing mechanism would be in the way of closing the hatch but I had thought to install a second hatch under the ladder to close in its up position.
So in essence, there would be a hatch at the level of the top of the joists, a second hatch at the level of the bottom of the joists, and then the ladder would be fixed to the face of the joists.

Just not sure if there is a product available thats all.

I suppose another option would be to have a standard loft opening hatch and ladder arrangement, and then add a second loft hatch hinged on an available free edge of the opening, that has a cutout for the ladder. That might be easier and safer I suppose.

my ladder spends more time down than up its a concertina type and it bolts onto and through the side of the joist [trimmer] at one end
in the up position the ladder is closed up and clear off the ceiling at around 20" long and 20" high so easily fits through the trap door

now to seal it up you need a trap door underheath and a hatch on top the one you use depends on the position of the ladder

most normal ladders wont permit this because they use the floor in the loft for part of the mechanism to sit on


there you are bob spoons i was typing my answer the same time as you where :D :D :D problem solved ;)
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You could add a second door to the loft side so it seals of the access while the ladder is down.Seems a pointless excercise though.
Why is it pointless?

I plan on having a lot of equipment/things stored up there for use in the habitable room below. If I am accessing it 3or4 times an evening I do not want to be pulling a ladder up and down all the time (especially late and disturbing other house members with noise). I also do not want to leave the ladder down and the hatch open the whole time as then all my house heat will run straight into the loft and out through the roof leaving a cold house and a huge heating bill.
Insulating the entire loft at rafter level is not an option at this time (for various reasons that I wont go into right now).

I fail to see why this is pointless.

If you still want to add that lid inside your loft then you may want to have a look at this:- (oh, is it OK to post a link?- I have no association with this firm whatsoever - just found the product while surfing for a suitable loft ladder for my own home). It appears to have the advantage of increasing the heat insulation.

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