low disk space

just because the one he has does not have one does not mean there is not space and ability to fit one.
The eMMC versions have a modified motherboard, where the HDD connector (at least), is omitted (just as the HDD/SSD version won't have the eMMC):


Reference pictures:
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They may do however I don't think the OP has said which model he has.
I also don't recall seeing anything being posted by you that is in any way helpful?
So why don't you just butt out?
Bullethead, if your unable to upgrade the drive then you need to have a really good look at trimming the fat from the Windows install.
Empty your recycling bin, remove cache and temporary files, go through all the applications and remove anything your never going to use.

Use Google to find yourself some recommended things to remove.

Transfer whatever you can (pics/videos etc.) onto an external drive, be it a USB memory stick or external hard drive/ssd.
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