Low power led pir?

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Yes, of course. Where would you locate your PIR?. Some are made to provide almost a 360° detection field. CLICK ME

Other are more directional PIRs like CLICK ME
basically moist mains PIRs will work, steer clear of budget products. You dont get champagne at lemonade prices.
I have in the main moved away from PIR's as either set off by trees moving in wind or local cats, or not activated at the most inopportune moment and one is plunged into darkness with a both hands full of shopping on the steps at side of house. Not knowing where you can put down shopping to get phone out and use phone as a torch.

So a mixture of smart bulbs, switches, and socket adaptors with timed or dust till dawn options plus being able to switch on from phone before I leave the car.

I still have a couple of PIR's but not really used.

Theory is great, passive inferred comes from some heat source, so trees moving should not set it off, but they do, possibly masking or unmasking some other source, a warm house some where. But to control a large area it would need multi PIR's as increasing sensitivity means they are triggered by things you don't want to trigger them, like neighbours central heating flue, or another lamp.

We loosely call them PIR's but in the main they also work with white light so don't switch on in daylight, so a PIR for an intruder alarm is not good. You can get smart PIR's which link to other smart devices, and also there are often user settings, amount of day light to inhibit turning on, sensitivity, and time delay. But it depends on how much you pay.
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I have three and I do not have the problems that our Eric seems to have.

I too, have moved away from PIR's, they generally suffer too much false triggering and fail to trigger when needed. I only now have one, which is a flat panel 20w LED with built in PIR. It just serves to light up the area of my bin shed, and the very dark path to my garage, at the rear. I installed it a couple of years ago, and it has been one of the best, rarely false triggering, and always triggered if you walk by it.
You dont get champagne at lemonade prices.
Often not, but one needs to be careful (particularly in paying too much attention to brands which are,, or used to be, 'reputable') - since it is quite possible to pay champagne prices for some lemonade!

Kind Regards, John

Sorry for the slow reply, busy day. Thank you for allthe input.

I think pir will work great for what is needed. It’s going in a car port for when parking in winter. Cats and trees won’t really be a problem.

I’m wanting to put the pir between the plug and first bulb, so was not sure whether the pirs mentioned would work ok with the (what I assume) is low voltage.


I’m wanting to put the pir between the plug and first bulb, so was not sure whether the pirs mentioned would work ok with the (what I assume) is low voltage.

You would need voltage free contacts on the PIR, better to switch the power to the plug in power supply.
Hi Harry,

Really sorry, but I don’t understand. So pir before the plug?


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