1. J

    Garage sockets and lighting - how to run 3 core & earth

    I have a garage with 1x twin socket and would like to add a fused spur with 1mm sq 3 core & earth https://www.screwfix.com/p/prysmian-6243yh-grey-1mm-3-core-earth-cable-25m-coil/33309#product_additional_details_container To control 2x LED lights which will come on at the same time from either...
  2. F

    LED Ceiling Light Driver

    Hi. I have a couple of LED ceiling lights which have two settings (daylight white and warm white) which alternate by switching them on/off quickly. My electrician fitted a new light switch while it was live and I'm pretty certain it has blown the LED light driver (pictures attached). I need to...
  3. K

    Low power led pir?

    Hello! i have these lights… https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0BPY1ST75/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1 …already in the garden and they do exactly what was required. But now I would really like these to work with a pir motion sensor. But as a diyer I din’t know if this is...
  4. W

    Monsoon Extractor Fan Kit LED

    Hello, I've installed a Monsoon Extractor Fan kit today, all is up and running and everything is working with the exception of the LED. When I switch my lights on the other bathroom lights are working fine but the LED supplied with the fan is pulsing like a slow strobe. If you fiddle with the...
  5. eveares

    Sourcing a 5500k LED down light with 90° beam angle.

    I have 5 of these (see below) in my bathroom with the 90° lenses, and one has now failed and needs replacing. https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/LTFRD12DL.html I am having difficulty in finding a integrated fire rated LED down light that is both 90° beam angle and 5500K in colour...
  6. T

    Can you recommend a non-smart temperature-variable light bulb?

    LEDs are so much better now than they used to be but I can't seem to find a bulb that can be varied between evening and daytime light. 2700K/4000K would be suitable, more variability would be a bonus. Ideally the bulb would also be dimmable or it could even combine dimming and colour change...
  7. L

    Recessed downlights and fire/electrical safety

    Hi all. We've been viewing houses recently and I've noticed that nearly all have recessed downlighters somewhere or other - in some cases just one room but in others they're throughout most of the house. Some are in downstairs ceilings with a room above, others in upstairs ceilings with loft...
  8. S

    Bosch fridge freezer - light and door led playing up

    Hi I have a 6 month old Bosch fridge freezer As if a couple of days ago the led right and led display on the interior are either not coming on, or coming on intermittently when the door opens. I'm guessing there is a proximity sensor /magnet type setup and possibly some obstruction. Any ideas...
  9. DaveFix

    LEDs and Dimmer Switch - Trailing Edge, Leading Edge, Something Else, or Not Possible?

    Usual problem - I bought a set of LED downlighters, and a dimmer switch - but the dimmer doesn't reduce the light level! The dimmer switch is a BG Nexus 200W Grid Dimmer (SKU: RBNDTR) - Trailing Edge. The LEDs are 6 x 6W flat panel. Neither seller nor product packaging state compatibility...
  10. DaveFix

    2-way & Off Grid Switch - with Neon Indicator?

    In a hallway where the lighting will usually be controlled by an IR occupancy sensor, I would like a 3-position switch. The switch will allow the lights to be controlled by the sensor, permanently on, or permanently off. As far as I can see the only solution is a "2-way & off" grid switch. Is...
  11. N

    LED strip inside tiled pockets/recess

    I don't understand the correct way to go about installing an LED strip into a pocket or recess. Tiler, a pro, very clean work has no simple solution either. What would really help is an 8mm tile trim with a wide "span" (not sure of correct term). 2cm is not enough to play with (that's NOT what...
  12. N

    Downlights IP20 replacing but struggling to find similar connector ones

    Could someone help what this downlights connections are called. Couldn't able to find exact one's as these are discontinued from b&q Downlight by naivediyer posted 8 Mar 2022 at 10:03 PM Transformer by naivediyer posted 8 Mar 2022 at 10:03 PM
  13. Mawibri

    RCD and PIR LED lights

    I recently installed a Homezone LED PIR light on my garage which I plug in to the garage socket. All worked well when switched on the lights lit up and after some minutes went out, I checked the PIR and it turned the lights on. However after ten minutes the House RCD tripped. I already have the...
  14. C

    LED Light Adapter

    Hi, I wonder if anybody can help me, I have tv cabinet led lights and they are no longer working. I believe it is this adapter has failed but can’t find a replacement anywhere. Des anybody have any ideas the name of it. Or where I can get a replacement from?
  15. S

    LED downlighter puzzle

    Hi all, Over the past few years I have had regular issues with my 12 kitchen downlighters due to replacing the standard 12v lamps with 12v LED's and leaving the old transformers in place. As I understand it, the issue is that the transformers require a minimum wattage to be drawn to work...
  16. M

    Best option for swapping halogen spotlights for LED

    Evening all, I'm a bit behind in the world of LED lighting as before having a baby earlier this year, we didn't really use the main lights very often. However, the existing halogen spotlights are now getting a lot more use (and some of the transformers have died) so I think it's time to look...
  17. S

    Replacing strange dimmable downlighter bulb in bathroom

    We had dimmable downlighters installed in our bathroom a few years ago. One of the lights stopped working, so I undid it in order to see what LED I need to replace it with. However it's very confusing (see picture). I do not know what this bulb or unit is? Can anyone help? Is this a job for an...
  18. M

    Outdoor LED seciruty light needs extending

    Hi, Just going to buy a typical 30w LED security spotlight (off amazon) with PIR, mains power. But the cable isnt long enough so i need to extend it. but i dont know what cable i should get? Ive seen a few different lights, some are 2 core, some are 3 core (according to the pictures). Is two...
  19. S

    Is total wattage for the light fixture or the circuit?

    Hi, apologies for what may be a dumb question! I'm planning to upgrade a broken dimmer switch which was rated up to 250w with an LED-compatible one (the Varilight JQP401W), which is apparently only rated up to 120w. I initially assumed this would be fine as the switch only controls a single...
  20. A

    Replace a 2D CFL bath light with an LED one

    Hi, I have the attached 2D CFL 4pin bathroom light which works using a start switch. Can I replace the CFL version with an LED version as a straight swap? I've seen the following on toolstation https://www.fernhoward.com/downloads/temp/2D LED Lamp datasheet Issue 3.pdf but unsure if its...