1. L

    Recessed downlights and fire/electrical safety

    Hi all. We've been viewing houses recently and I've noticed that nearly all have recessed downlighters somewhere or other - in some cases just one room but in others they're throughout most of the house. Some are in downstairs ceilings with a room above, others in upstairs ceilings with loft...
  2. S

    Bosch fridge freezer - light and door led playing up

    Hi I have a 6 month old Bosch fridge freezer As if a couple of days ago the led right and led display on the interior are either not coming on, or coming on intermittently when the door opens. I'm guessing there is a proximity sensor /magnet type setup and possibly some obstruction. Any ideas...
  3. D

    LEDs and Dimmer Switch - Trailing Edge, Leading Edge, Something Else, or Not Possible?

    Usual problem - I bought a set of LED downlighters, and a dimmer switch - but the dimmer doesn't reduce the light level! The dimmer switch is a BG Nexus 200W Grid Dimmer (SKU: RBNDTR) - Trailing Edge. The LEDs are 6 x 6W flat panel. Neither seller nor product packaging state compatibility...
  4. D

    2-way & Off Grid Switch - with Neon Indicator?

    In a hallway where the lighting will usually be controlled by an IR occupancy sensor, I would like a 3-position switch. The switch will allow the lights to be controlled by the sensor, permanently on, or permanently off. As far as I can see the only solution is a "2-way & off" grid switch. Is...
  5. N

    LED strip inside tiled pockets/recess

    I don't understand the correct way to go about installing an LED strip into a pocket or recess. Tiler, a pro, very clean work has no simple solution either. What would really help is an 8mm tile trim with a wide "span" (not sure of correct term). 2cm is not enough to play with (that's NOT what...
  6. N

    Downlights IP20 replacing but struggling to find similar connector ones

    Could someone help what this downlights connections are called. Couldn't able to find exact one's as these are discontinued from b&q Downlight by naivediyer posted 8 Mar 2022 at 10:03 PM Transformer by naivediyer posted 8 Mar 2022 at 10:03 PM
  7. Mawibri

    RCD and PIR LED lights

    I recently installed a Homezone LED PIR light on my garage which I plug in to the garage socket. All worked well when switched on the lights lit up and after some minutes went out, I checked the PIR and it turned the lights on. However after ten minutes the House RCD tripped. I already have the...
  8. C

    LED Light Adapter

    Hi, I wonder if anybody can help me, I have tv cabinet led lights and they are no longer working. I believe it is this adapter has failed but can’t find a replacement anywhere. Des anybody have any ideas the name of it. Or where I can get a replacement from?
  9. S

    LED downlighter puzzle

    Hi all, Over the past few years I have had regular issues with my 12 kitchen downlighters due to replacing the standard 12v lamps with 12v LED's and leaving the old transformers in place. As I understand it, the issue is that the transformers require a minimum wattage to be drawn to work...
  10. M

    Best option for swapping halogen spotlights for LED

    Evening all, I'm a bit behind in the world of LED lighting as before having a baby earlier this year, we didn't really use the main lights very often. However, the existing halogen spotlights are now getting a lot more use (and some of the transformers have died) so I think it's time to look...
  11. S

    Replacing strange dimmable downlighter bulb in bathroom

    We had dimmable downlighters installed in our bathroom a few years ago. One of the lights stopped working, so I undid it in order to see what LED I need to replace it with. However it's very confusing (see picture). I do not know what this bulb or unit is? Can anyone help? Is this a job for an...
  12. M

    Outdoor LED seciruty light needs extending

    Hi, Just going to buy a typical 30w LED security spotlight (off amazon) with PIR, mains power. But the cable isnt long enough so i need to extend it. but i dont know what cable i should get? Ive seen a few different lights, some are 2 core, some are 3 core (according to the pictures). Is two...
  13. S

    Is total wattage for the light fixture or the circuit?

    Hi, apologies for what may be a dumb question! I'm planning to upgrade a broken dimmer switch which was rated up to 250w with an LED-compatible one (the Varilight JQP401W), which is apparently only rated up to 120w. I initially assumed this would be fine as the switch only controls a single...
  14. A

    Replace a 2D CFL bath light with an LED one

    Hi, I have the attached 2D CFL 4pin bathroom light which works using a start switch. Can I replace the CFL version with an LED version as a straight swap? I've seen the following on toolstation https://www.fernhoward.com/downloads/temp/2D LED Lamp datasheet Issue 3.pdf but unsure if its...
  15. mixer28

    Best way to connect a USB LED strip to a ceiling light fitting

    I wanted to know the best way to use my ceiling light fitting (which is a bayonet cap) to connect an LED light strip that has a USB connector and typically plugs into a USB to mains plug adaptor (like the iPhone charger ones). If I plug in a cable with a bayonet fitting ( as per image)...
  16. D

    Dimmable LED bulb in old dimmer switch lighting circuit

    What's the worse that can happen? Distant elderly relatives need to replace some old 60W tungsten filament bulbs. Problem is, the lighting circuit has an old dimmer switch and I've read that even dimmable LEDs don't work properly (or at all?) with old-style dimmer switches. The possible...
  17. C

    LED Lighting strips into lighting circuit

    Hi, So, I am wanting to build a very simple dropped ceiling/hidden coving light strips in my office. It is only a small room and I am only lighting up 3 sides due to existing features etc. I am wanting to use some simple LED lighting strips for ease. I want these to work from the main...
  18. L

    How to change a light bulb? (LED over-shower)

    Hello, I've a failing LED bulb over the shower tray in the bathroom, with all but three or four of the LED's no longer illuminating. However looking at it, I've no idea how to remove the fixture in front of it to remove the bulb, whether by twisting or pulling, preferably without breaking it...
  19. bird_egg

    Battery LED Lights

    Hello, Is there a way I can join four identical sets of LED outside lights into one battery transformer, if so what would I be looking to get in terms of Volts Watts. On each of the battery packs it says: 192 LED Outdoor Battery Lights Battery Type = 3 X AA Lamp: 3V/0.06W Non replaceable LED...
  20. D

    Bathroom light move

    A cluster of 3 led lights, it's good because the bathroom gets very little natural light. But it's zonally conflicted in plan, being sited just outside the outer edge of the bath/shower It could do with going between the the next pair of joists but this would require extending the cables...