1. A

    Replace a 2D CFL bath light with an LED one

    Hi, I have the attached 2D CFL 4pin bathroom light which works using a start switch. Can I replace the CFL version with an LED version as a straight swap? I've seen the following on toolstation https://www.fernhoward.com/downloads/temp/2D LED Lamp datasheet Issue 3.pdf but unsure if its...
  2. mixer28

    Best way to connect a USB LED strip to a ceiling light fitting

    I wanted to know the best way to use my ceiling light fitting (which is a bayonet cap) to connect an LED light strip that has a USB connector and typically plugs into a USB to mains plug adaptor (like the iPhone charger ones). If I plug in a cable with a bayonet fitting ( as per image)...
  3. D

    Dimmable LED bulb in old dimmer switch lighting circuit

    What's the worse that can happen? Distant elderly relatives need to replace some old 60W tungsten filament bulbs. Problem is, the lighting circuit has an old dimmer switch and I've read that even dimmable LEDs don't work properly (or at all?) with old-style dimmer switches. The possible...
  4. C

    LED Lighting strips into lighting circuit

    Hi, So, I am wanting to build a very simple dropped ceiling/hidden coving light strips in my office. It is only a small room and I am only lighting up 3 sides due to existing features etc. I am wanting to use some simple LED lighting strips for ease. I want these to work from the main...
  5. L

    How to change a light bulb? (LED over-shower)

    Hello, I've a failing LED bulb over the shower tray in the bathroom, with all but three or four of the LED's no longer illuminating. However looking at it, I've no idea how to remove the fixture in front of it to remove the bulb, whether by twisting or pulling, preferably without breaking it...
  6. bird_egg

    Battery LED Lights

    Hello, Is there a way I can join four identical sets of LED outside lights into one battery transformer, if so what would I be looking to get in terms of Volts Watts. On each of the battery packs it says: 192 LED Outdoor Battery Lights Battery Type = 3 X AA Lamp: 3V/0.06W Non replaceable LED...
  7. D

    Bathroom light move

    A cluster of 3 led lights, it's good because the bathroom gets very little natural light. But it's zonally conflicted in plan, being sited just outside the outer edge of the bath/shower It could do with going between the the next pair of joists but this would require extending the cables...
  8. E

    LED Halogen Equivalents

    I want to replace x6 MR16 35 watt halogen lights with x6 GU10 LEDS At the moment I need to work out which LED bulbs to purchase. The bulbs in place at the moment are 35 watt MR16 halogens 35 degree beam angle 427 lumens (or something like that but it is above 400 according to the box the bulbs...
  9. Speedyrazor

    Downlights in PIR (Kingspan) - cold roof

    Hi, I wave a cold roof design, 170mm joists + 100mm down to 5mm furrings. I going to use 100mm PIR insulation, flush with the ceiling, leaving a ventilation gap above ranging from about 60mm to 160mm. I would like to have recessed LED downlights, but I get different opinions depending on who I...
  10. T

    LEDs are buzzing, seems to be bulb specific

    I know this is a boring question that must get asked a lot but I promise I have done some research and cannot find an answer that fits with my experience. I've recently moved house, had it rewired and I've fitted Philips LED bulbs throughout. Most are from their 'Warm White' range and some are...
  11. D

    Replacing a big toroidal transformer on spotlights

    We've been running three of the below Philips GU5.3 5W 76954500 spotlights in our ceiling for the past 5 years: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00KTUZCB8/ They replaced 50W 12V halogen spotlights, each with their own transformer. We kept the existing 20+ year old toroidal transformers in...
  12. G

    Kitchen LED lights start to flicker when i isolate the extractor fan

    I am replacing the extractor fan in the kitchen. It has a fused isolator switch. When i switched it off to be able to get to the extractor fan safely, the 8 LED ceiling lights start to flicker. Switch the isolator back on again and flicker stops! There is no dimmer on the LED lights, just an...
  13. P

    Convert Halogen fitting to LED

    I want to change a couple of light fittings in our hall from Halogen to LED so we can get bright white bulbs to brighten it up a bit rather than the dull yellow halogens. The current light fittings are driven by Kaoyi KTB-60 and the fittings take 6 x 10W G4 halogen bulbs. We don't want to buy...
  14. R

    LEDs and dimmers, Stepped dimmers?

    Hello, We've got LED downlights in the kitchen (spec below). I'd like to change the light switch to a dimmer. 1. Anyone got a suggestion of good dimmer switches for these lights? We've used Varilight JQP252W V-Pro dimmers for other rooms but the dimmers are a bit variable (different LEDs at...
  15. W

    Replacing fluorescent battens - best option/s?

    I have a couple of windowed small office type rooms - maybe 10 ft x 12ft for the biggest one, lit with 2 double 6ft fluorescent battens. The smaller room has a single 6ft batten fitting. Price, looks, utility and effort are the main factors here. Looks are a little more important for the smaller...
  16. P

    Combined RGBW LED strip power supply & controller

    I’m installing some IP68 RGBW LED strips in a bathroom ceiling where the centre part of the ceiling is dropped slightly to create a wall wash effect around the perimeter of the room. Strips will connect to a centre point above the ceiling. Ideally I’d like to find a combined LED controller &...
  17. dumdum

    High pitched noise? Is it just me?

    In my neighbourhood, I can hear high pitched noise, especially when it is quite. Coming home last night at 11pm, I heard a high pitched noise. Then Mrs dumdum heard it too, but could not figure out where it was coming from, but it louder when outside (perhaps different) I am wondering if this...
  18. R

    candy cdcf 6 error

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with the dishwasher candy cdcf 6. When I turn on the dishwasher, LED keeps blinking in the glass state. I also hear a beep every 30 seconds. Maybe someone has faced with this problem? Thanks for any reply.
  19. S

    Garage Batten - flickering LED's now I have replaced Fluro.

    Yesterday I replaced one of my 2 Fluro battens in my garage with a 60W LED. This was the more complicated one (lots of wires) or so I thought but I had it working fine after a little patience. Today I have gone to replace the second fluro and what I thought would be a simple job - only 3 wires...
  20. M

    Converting to LED

    Anyone know what equivalent LED bulb reference to halogen candle below:- e14 halogen 64543 b 46w