1. M

    LED Mirror

    Hi - anyone know of a mirror - ideally 600 wide by 800 high with the shaver point and IR sensor (or switch) on the LEFT? The one supplied and all others I can find on line have these on the right and there isn't room between the unit and the wall to plug a razor in of for the sensor to work...
  2. M

    Kitchen LED - COB lights

    We have two recessed LED lights in the kitchen ceiling, controlled by a single "normal" light switch, which have both stopped working. As they are very bright I'm not sure if one had stopped before the other or both stopped together. At first I assumed these were GU10 bulbs (which are fitted...
  3. R

    Samsung UE55KU6000 TV screen

    Arrived home tonight to discover that my 3-1/2 year old son has managed to strike our TV screen with a wooden handle - crunch!!! Is the TV now destined for the dustbin or is it actually possible to economically repair. Excuse my ignorance: It's a Samsung UE55KU6000 LED TV flat screen, 2 year old.
  4. S

    LED drivers accessible?

    Hi I'm carrying out a full rewire during the refurbishment of my house. I have notified the council and paid my fees; they'll come in and test after I'm done. After finishing the main wiring I'm now looking at accent lighting before all the walls and ceilings are skimmed. I have 2 bathrooms...
  5. K

    12V rgb wall ambient lighting

    Hi all, I was looking for a recommendation on wire and power supply and controller for the rgb smd light strips. I have in total just shy on 22m of what I believe is 5050 60led/m. I got them off ebay a good while ago and it came with 3 power adapters rated at 12v 5A (for 30M kit). Hence 1...
  6. L

    Led Driver selection HELP

    Hi, I'm wiring some 12v LED lighting in a bathroom. I'm using two metres of LED tape running at 340 mA/m = 680mA = 8.16w https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/SK153728.html and I'm using six 0.6w mini LEDs @50m/A = 3.6w...
  7. D

    Recommendations for LED plinth lights in zone 1?

    I have an LED driver already and LED tape for my niche and I wanted to add in some plinth lights. I just need the plinth lights to wire in to my existing bathroom circuit and pass part P. All the IP65+ rated ones (which even say suitable for bathroom) have a plug on them. Can anyone...
  8. eveares

    Converting 24V 250W ELC to LED?

    As some may know, I have some old disco lights what use 24V 250W lamps. I have often wondered how easy will it be to convert these to super bright LED's. For the one that has an ELC lamp in it (Geni Mojo Spin Master 1), I was thinking about getting the following...
  9. S

    Looking for advice on LED lighting along driveway.

    I'm hoping to light a driveway inexpensively using little LED lighting 25 mm lamps. I'm thinking that it should be low voltage for safety and cost but how do I calculate the size or rating of the transformer? Is there a simple calculation I can use? Also what type of cable should I use? I'm...
  10. F

    Replacement of MR16 transformers

    Hi, In my bathroom I've got 6 MR16 fittings which I've just put LED lamps into, problem is couple of them flicker, presumably where the transformers aren't coping with the LEDs. Each fitting has it's own little transformer, so my question is can I cut off the old per-fitting transformers and...
  11. P

    Dimmer for lots of LED bulbs

    I have just replaced two ceiling chandeliers with LED ones. Each has 24 bulbs @ 4W each. Both are driven from two 2-gang 3-way dimmer switches, which also drive some wall sconces (6 bulbs @4W each). So, in total each 3-way dimmer switch is driving 54 LED bulbs (all 240v), totalling around...
  12. cwhaley

    E14 LED Bulbs - Parallel Circuitry

    I know this has been posted before, but in some old threads... and some of my questions aren't in there so I'll start a new one rather than try to resurrect them. I'm hoping to make an LED 'Hollywood Style' mirror for the other half. Making the unit itself I am fine with and I know it'll look...
  13. C

    Upgrading 12v dimmer tungstens to LED

    I have moved into a house where the downstairs ceiling lights are 12v tungsten, in sets of between 3 and 5 controlled by dimmer switches, and I want to change to LED. I have been looking into the options but I'm unsure which is best in my case. I haven't yet determined whether the transformers...
  14. S

    Wanting to change MR11 and transformers to standard UK mains voltage 240V & use dimmable LED bulbs.

    I have a couple of dozen 20 Watt MR11 bulbs on a dimmable switch in a room which I'd dearly love to change to 240 AC mains voltage as the transformers often go and it's a pain changing them. Is there any type of bulb which would fit the existing bulb holder (MR11 size) and which would mean I...
  15. eveares

    Benefits of Induction Lighting against LED's?

    Just wondering what benefits is their of induction lighting these days and why do some buildings use it, such as the Philips induction lighting that is used to light up the faces of the Great Clock of the palace of Westminster (Aka Big Ben). The article below lists several benefits of induction...
  16. C

    Halogen to LED Dimmers

    Dear all, I currently have a 5 bulb chandelier (image attached) that holds 5 240v 42w Bayonet bulbs; these are controlled by a 1 way dimmer switch. We have had this set-up for a while without issue. We thought we would start moving to LED bulbs so bought some LED Filament dimmable candles...
  17. S

    How to change a lightbulb?

    Hi, first post here. We had our kitchen done a couple of years ago and installed some wall cabinets with recessed LED spots. Now they're flickering and going dim one by one, and I can't work out how to change the units. I've tried asking the original installer but he's gone quiet on me. Any...
  18. eveares

    Is this light suitable for outside use?

    This: https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/SMSL3DG.html It is IP65 rated so should be suitable for outside use, but it is under the "Indoor Lighting > LED Wall & Step Lights" section of TLC's site and the manual says: "IP65 Rated suitable for restricted external applications". What is meant...
  19. StephenStephen

    Does it matter which way round I connect an LED dimmable bulb?

    Hi all, I've 4 wall lights with these bulbs: 5 Watt G9 LED Bulb - 36x SMD5050 Warm White Dimmable G9/5050SMD/WWD Wired to a dimmer switch They were working fine, I took them off to paint the walls, and can't remember which way round to reconnect them (and who know where I put the piece of...
  20. D

    Led spotlights

    Hi, I am having some renovation work done and I'd like to install some led spotlights in the kitchen and bathroom, I've read that the gu10 led bulbs get very hot and I'd like to avoid that. So I was wondering if you can recommend me some recessed led spotlights. Thanks