1. eveares

    "Replacing Non-Dimmable LED's with Dimmable LED's due to No Earth" - Not my Words!

    Just a quick post that some on here may find amusing. The other day I replaced the non-dimmable LED light bulbs in the living room and downstairs hallway with dimmable counterparts as they can be used with automated Z-Wave switches what don't require a neutral connection. (Hallway and Living...
  2. A

    LED Strip Lights to Lighting Spur

    Hello Everyone, I've been a browsing on here for a while now and have found lots of great tips, trick and solutions (Thanks). However I could do with a little advice around the under-cabinet lights for a renovation project I'm undertaking. I'd like to use LED strip lights (I'm going to...
  3. V

    LED replacement bulbs too dim

    In our kitchen we have 8 concealed down-lighters in the ceiling – each with a Reflekto 185051 clear 36degree 2700K 12v 50watt halogen bulb (which are 45mm long). I am keen to replace these with an LED equivalent – but one which hopefully gives a light which is as similar to what exists as...
  4. J

    Installing an LED transformer

    I had a couple of transformers go on halogen spotlights. I'm the in the process of switching to LEDs so I bought LED transformers instead. The old transformers had a blue and brown wire on the input AC side which were connected directly to the same colour mains wires in the connection box...
  5. eveares

    Old generation LEDLites (TLC Product) unreliable with design flaw?

    So I have 5 of These (LT FRD12DL) in my bathroom as one may know, and was just wondering how many others on here have had issues with ones purchased in 2012/2013 failing after two or three years? Mine were purchased and installed in 2013, and I have had to replace 3 different ones out of the 5...
  6. eveares

    My Outside Christmas Lights for 2016

    What do lot on here think of my outside lights? Regards: Elliott.
  7. meganfurley

    How to connect two small lengths of LED lights in the kitchen?

    Hi I have decided to light the under side of the cabinets in my kitchen with LED strip lights connected to a 12v converter. I have done it on one side and its working well. But I also have two small cabinets lengths with the oven between them. The lengths are about 80cms each and I would like...
  8. S

    LED light attached to bathroom fan constantly flashing

    Hi guys, Just installed a new extractor fan in a bathroom im doing up and the LED light that goes in the fan is constantly flashing whether the switch is turned on or off. A separate light (not LED) in the bathroom works fine. Perm live in only going to the fan and not the light, Any ideas on...
  9. B

    ADVICE - Standard dimmer and dimmer-able LED's or vice versa ??

    Hi All I have a double room currently fitted with twelve 35w halogen GU10's (6 each side of room) and a standard 2 gang dimmer. What is the best option to convert this to Dimmable LED's ? A trailing edge dimmer and standard led's ? Or a standard dimmer and Dimmable led's ?? Price is also a...
  10. H

    LED Downlight faulty - Strobe effect

    Hi guys, I have five bathroom downlights. Four are working perfect, but one is faulty. After turning the light switch on, this faulty one is flashing/strobing really fast. It's like being in a nightclub. I've already replaced the led bulbs, but it still does the same. I'm not very...
  11. S

    Ethernet over power (powerline) flakey after installing 2 LED floodlights

    Title explains most of it! Swapped out two old halogen floodlights (500w) with LED lights (50w). Nothing fancy needed with the electrics. Since installing, my normally reliable ethernet over power plugs (Devolo) are dropping signal almost continuously when the external lights go on (I first...
  12. eveares

    LEDlites unreliable?

    Just had to replace the 2nd LEDlite Downlight in my bathroom as it failed today. Was the one above my shower what failed. Only been in for just under 4 years! Anyone else had issues with this product failing? Regards: Elliott
  13. L

    Halogen to LED

    By all means I'm no electrician. I'm changing the spot lights in our house from halogen to LED. I have the GU10 fly leads (converters) but when I take down the old halogen leads and affix the new ones it doesn't work.... What am I doing wrong? It is literally just 2 small black wires L &N coming...
  14. eveares

    New Flood light fitted using T&E with insulated cores hanging out of gland!

    Bless my 80yr old Granddad, he does try his best but sometimes I just wish he would give me a call first. Went up to his place today to see the family in general and to have a look at an issue with his mobility scooter. I stumbled upon he had replaced the outside lantern light on one of his...
  15. eveares

    50W 6000K LED Floodlight on Ebay for under £30 - To good to be true or a steal?

    I am well aware of low quality and dangerous LED flood lights that are sold on ebay having watched many of bigclives videos on YouTube. I am after a couple of cheap bright daylight LED light for video film work as I find my existing 125W 5500K CFL's with their matching stands & umbrellas are a...
  16. I

    Connecting LED lights of different colors and voltages?

    Hi guys, I want to assemble a panel of lights of different colors for the lighting of my living room The only thing I know of electricity is that: there are different cables for different resistors for different voltages according to use. I have the idea of order of LED lights in a square...
  17. G

    Do I need a circuit to add additional recessed lighting?

    I have a single fixed ceiling light in my bathroom. I'd like to replace it with 4 recessed LED lights. Does this need a new circuit for the additional 3 lamps, or can I just spur off each one? The ceiling is over 3m, so if I can do this without a new circuit I understand this would not be...
  18. eveares

    LED Christmas Lights, Blue & Red and Green & Orange tied together?

    Has anyone else noticed that a lot of multi coloured multi function Christmas lights made in the last few years have the the colours of Blue & Red and Green and Orange tied together. In other words there is 2 not 4 channels from the controller. i.e. A lot of lights these days don't seem have...
  19. P

    Which AA batteries to power 300 LED pixels?

    Hi all, I would like to power 300 (addressable) LED pixels. This type. They are 5V. I only need to power them for about 30 minutes, maybe 20 minutes. Would it be right to buy 8x AA 2100mah battery of a certain type (of which I'm not sure) to power these? The microcontroller I would be...