1. M

    Fitting a PIR in place of a pull cord (only 2 Live wires)

    Afternoon. So on this rainy Saturday I thought I would get to the jobs I have been putting off :-) My garage has a pull cord with 2 red wires and an earth which I am presuming are live and switched live. I wanted to replace it with a PIR as the amount of time I spend in there is minimal and I...
  2. T

    Superfoil/multifoil insulation - is it any good for IWI in 2022?

    Hi All, About to start a detached Victorian 3 bed renovation, as usual solid brick walls so no cavity to insulate. It has been a while since I've done some internal wall insulation, previously I've always used PIR on treated battens. I've spoken with Superfoil and they tell me their SF19+...
  3. R

    Insulating Shed - To Air Gap or not

    Hi all, Just in the process of constructing a new pre-fabbed shed. Planning to store some tools and a few other bits in there so want to make sure it's insulated. At the moment the shed has 40mm studs. I've picked up some Thermal foil insulation (acts as a vapor barrier), and was also planning...
  4. B

    Multiple PIR false alarms on Premier Elite 24

    Dear All, I wonder if anyone can help. Have had premier elite 24 with a one entry exit contact sensor, around 6 Prestige TD WIRED PIRs and one keypad. It's been problem free for 6-7 years. Now initially, in the night, the downstairs hallway PIR would set off the alarm every 4-6 months and I...
  5. W

    Texecom Premier Elite 64 - HELP - PIR fault/cant clear alarm/

    Hi, I have a Texecom Premier Elite 64. Its been working fine for the last couple of years but starting a few days ago, when I try to set the alarm - it fails to arm; keeps beeping; and I get a the following message on the keypad: Landing Motion Detctor There is no other "System Alert"...
  6. safe

    Exterior PIR light with sensor & light in opposite directions?

    hi folks, I'm after some recommendations / advice. basically I'm looking to find out if what i 'm looking for actually exists! the front door to our house is on the side of the house so to reach our front door you effectively have to walk up a lane between ours & next door I'd like to fit...
  7. M

    Outdoor LED seciruty light needs extending

    Hi, Just going to buy a typical 30w LED security spotlight (off amazon) with PIR, mains power. But the cable isnt long enough so i need to extend it. but i dont know what cable i should get? Ive seen a few different lights, some are 2 core, some are 3 core (according to the pictures). Is two...
  8. S

    Flood light wiring

    Hi Looking at replacing my floodlight with intergrated pir with a separate light and separate pir that will be located around the corner from the light. I also want to add an additional light with an intergrated pir to the same circuit and would like both lights to come on when either of the...
  9. SS-ProjectBuild

    PIR Insulation between rafters - Cold Roof

    Hi Guys, I am about to put in my insulation between the rafters after my electrics first fix, The question being do I put the insulation in so they are flush to the bottom of the rafters or can I put them above my wiring as long as I leave my 50mm air ventilation gap? There will be 50mm pir...
  10. oursurveysaid

    Insulation Upstands

    Hi. Quick question: I have rigid insulation upstands around the concrete slab in my extension, and am using self-levelling compound on it before laying engineered wood. Do I trim the insulation and level over it (creating a thin cold bridge to the masonry/bifold frame) or level first and trim...
  11. A

    PIR fan triggered by interference

    The Manrose XF100PIR 4 Inch Toilet Extractor Fan with PIR I fitted in a downstairs loo starts for no reason in the evenings, sometimes three times, sometimes not at all, but usually at least once. Nothing in the room moves (towels, mirrors, gloss paint, all been checked). The isolator switch is...
  12. G

    Changing columbus switches to pir

    Hi, I have a rental property split into 3 flats I'm wondering whether it's worth changing the columbus switches to normal switches and replacing the lamps to led ones with pir sensors ? As it would be more convenient for tenants. Thanks
  13. Ubi

    Tile backing board

    Hi all, Can anyone help with question. I am laying some new insulation and electric UFH and need to minimise the floor build up. So far I am laying a layer of DPM, 50mm PIR cut to fit and then was planning on placing a 6 mm cement backed tile back board the UFH mat and then tile on that. I am...
  14. T

    Yale EF-KIT1 PIR Issues

    Hi, I installed a Yale EF-KIT1 home alarm about 3 years ago and had no problems. Due the circumstanes this year it has not been used for quite a few months so I decided to change all the batteries and bought an extra PIR for the garage, now the PIR in the living room does not work and the new...
  15. J

    Pir eating batteries

    Hi, I have installed my first wireless le sucre PIR on my flex system. Everything went ok with pairing until next morning I get keypad message rf batlow. Result: I am on my 3rd battery in 3 days!! Has anybody had this problem? Many thanks,
  16. Speedyrazor

    Downlights in PIR (Kingspan) - cold roof

    Hi, I wave a cold roof design, 170mm joists + 100mm down to 5mm furrings. I going to use 100mm PIR insulation, flush with the ceiling, leaving a ventilation gap above ranging from about 60mm to 160mm. I would like to have recessed LED downlights, but I get different opinions depending on who I...
  17. R

    really weird alarm problem??

    hi everyone i have a scantronic i-on40 in part set mode with the following zones configured: zone 17 - hall PIR (final exit) zone 18 - lounge PIR (normal alarm) zone 19 - garage PIR (normal alarm) zone 20 - front door contact (final exit) zone 21 - back door contact (normal alarm) i only use...
  18. B

    After adding a PIR to Pyronix Euro 064 - LCD keypad how do i add it to the system (Euro 46 v10)

    I have completed a replacment of my old Pyronix alarm system to a new feature packed Pyronix Euro 64 v10 with th Keypad Eur-064. I have managed to configure all 8 onboard zones (imputs), the bell & the keypad. The only issue I am facing is that I now wish to add a PIR using one of the 2 Keypad...
  19. Adam G.

    Pyronix Enforcer Alarm Help

    Hi all, New member here and in dire need of help with my alarm. I have set it all up myself and has been working perfectly fine for years, however I now have the added complexity of having a dog in the house.... When we leave her alone in the house (downstairs kitchen and lounge have PIRS) she...
  20. J

    Improve ground floor thermal conductivity. Screed or subfloor?

    I`m doing a bit or renovation and I have 100mm of concrete sitting directly on soil. Removing it to poor a proper concrete and then 200mm insulation would have a massive cost impact and this is not feasible. I was thinking to poor 30mm or screed to level up all ground floor and then 18mm floor...