Texecom PIR tamper issue

7 Jan 2024
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United Kingdom

I have seen some good articles on here so hopefully you can help me.

I have just wired a new PIR to my Texecom Premier Elite 24 panel. The PIR I am wiring is a 'Premier Elite MR'.

I copied the same wiring as my existing three PIRs but I am getting a Tamper error.

I have seen some references to resistance but there seems no method of adjusting this on the Premier Elite MR version and therefore I am a little confused what the problem is and how to fix it.

Please see the attached images.

Please could someone advise?


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Your pir requires resistors.
2.2k and 4.7k ,that's why you have a tamper fault.
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Thanks for this Jo,

I am sorry but I struggle to interpret the manual drawings. Is it saying I need to do this (see attachment)?

What I cannot understand is why I need these resistors when the previous model of PIR (same brand) didnt require any of these.

Thanks again.


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Did your previous detector have selectable resistor values. Have you a pic of old sensor.
Having looked at it again, yes it did haev selectable resistor values (it was a Texecom Premier compact IR).

Is my previous image correct on how the resistors should be wired please?
Can I ask why the mis match of pirs, wasn’t aware they still manufactures the MR units although see a few available from some suppliers and some say obsolete.

Texecom pretty much have selectable resistors on all there PIRs except the veritas range and have done for a long time.

Different PIRs have different designs to achieve various outcomes. Most common n a house is a basic IR (dual element) cheap. Quad (quad element). DT (quad plus microwave), then there are variations on these basic types.

It’s working so not an issue, if it was selected for a specific purpose then fair enough, it’s just with you saying the same brand but options are different that made me wonder.

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