Texecom premier elite 24 wiring


27 Apr 2018
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United Kingdom

I know that there seasoned installers are probably flicking their eyes to the ceiling at a novis posting questions about such things.

I have installed a Texecom premier elite 24 control panel with a wired 8 zone expander + a ricochet 8 zone expander.

The other PIR's go to the elite 24 control panel.

my question at this point is - if I'm wiring the pir's as eol (2 wire) do I have to use the resistors on the PIR's??

I normally fit small installations such as the veritas 8 with a global tamper. And I'm not sure how to do the eol.

Thanks for any assistance.
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Yeah you need to fit the resistors unless the PIRs your using have them built in in which case select 4k7 2k2 if not wire as follows:

4k7 across the Alarm NC terminals
2k2 from NC terminal to Tamper.
Wire 1 into NC with the 4k7 leg.
Wire 2 into unused Tamper Terminal.

Meter readings should be:

2.2.. Closed circuit
6.9.. Open circuit (Alarm)
OL. Tamper

Hope this Helps.
Thank you for taking the time to reply.
Just so I know I have it right before i start can you check this please.

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Awsome. Ill be on the job this afternoon. I hope i dont need any more assistence.
Once again thank you very much.
I managed to sort the resistors out on the pirs thanks.
As well as having the 6 zones wired to the control panel I have a wired expander with two zones wired in to the board (which I think I am ok with although I am having a tamper issue on an external beam break) because the tampers wire into the expander I don't need to put the resistors on / or do I?

I also have a ricochet system for 1 door contact and 2 key fobs. I have wired it in as the diagram shows and gone over and over it. However I keep getting a tamper fault.
I have wired it as follows
Expander + - T R to relay module + - T R
Control panel + - to relay module + -
Controll panel zone 1 to module zone 1
Dip switches on expander set to options 1,2 (up)
Also the arm disarm key fobs don't seem to work at all,
I have individually linked out all the tamper connections.

I know I am doing something wrong that is probably quite basic have you any ideas please.

Thanks Again.
Your beams can be EOL, wire them into the expander and use the two outer terminals of the zone connections on the expander.

What’s this relay module? Part number? I think you may have the universial reciver which allows ricochet on other non Texecom panels. If so this is wrong you’d be better of with a 8XP-W although what I assume you have should still work i’ve never used one. If your wiring from a relay into the panel then your circuit is in double pole format, in zone setup make sure these zones are configured for double pole wiring.

Hope this helps?
I'll change the beam break yo eol, I presume the resistors are the same.

The ricochet receiver I have is the GEK-0002

I have followed the instructions that came with the unit (which are hard to follow) and watched a Texecom tutorial video but I can't seem to get it to operate.
(I'll try to add the link for the video below)

I know I keep.saying it but I really appreciate your help.

Yeah same resistors.

The Ricochet module you have is for commuting Ricochet devices into other brands of alarm panels. If it’s not too late I would swap this for an 8XP-W as you would get better diagnostics through the alarm panel of the wireless devices. If you are going to keep it, wire each relay into the panel zones and program theM as double pole circuits, not sure about the dip switches as i’ve never fitted one.
Ok. I think its too late to swap it now.
Ill do it tomorrow when i get back on the job.
Thanks again for your help.
If I do get the 8xp-w is it just like wiring in the wired expander that I have already got on the system?
Also do I have to set it to a different address to the wired expander ie wired 1 and wireless 2?
I know you have better things to do other than having me pestering you but I thought I'd let you know the out come of the install.

I managed to run all the PIR's and the beam break from the Controll panel and did away with the wired expander (thanks for the help with the EOL resistors)

The ricochet receiver and module I asked you about ended up being an 8 XP-W with an additional module so I just did away with the module and it worked as it should.

All in all I got it up and running and working properly. Thanks for all your help and taking the time to give me advice it was/is very much appreiciated.

Regards Carl.
HI all, hopefully your still out there.
I'm installing an elite 24 as an upgrade to a veritas 8, I have most things working thanks to these threads, however my external sounder goes off instantly when I drop mains power to the main unit? I do have a battery fault and a new one on the way but wanted to check I have cabling correctly.
2nd issue, I have a 2nd keypad in the garage, have 6 wires going to it and have bled up the power cables, however when I connect the 2 data wires the 2nd keypad only displays it's version number and will do nothing else, this also happens on keypad 1, however when I disconnect keypad 2 data then keypad 1 is just fine.. ( to note the power light on keypad 2 is flashing non stop too )
cheers all

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