Low Voltage Transformer Problem

11 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
About 2 months ago I installed 2 sets of low voltage downlights in 2 completely seperate locations. One set consists of 9 transformers and lights and the other set has 6 transformers and lights. i.e. Each light has its own individual transformer. I purchased the transformers (and lights/lamps) from Screwfix. They are rated 20-60W/VA, Inductive Load Compatible, 1.5Kw Surge Protected, Dimmable, Overload & Short Circuit Protected, Soft Start etc. The lamps are 12V 50W MR16 halogen
Since I installed them, I have had 9 transformers fail, 1 in the 9 set installation and 8 in the 6 set installation. (3 transformers that I replaced have failed again.)
All connections are tight.
I have not extended the low voltage output leads (20cm)
The transformers are not located above the lights and are well ventilated.
The Primary and Secondary wiring does not cross each other.
When the transformers fail, it is always just when the lights are switched on. i.e. During the initial in-rush. The 6amp MCB always trips in the relevant CU, like when a lamp/bulb blows but this time the lamps are always OK, it's the transformer that's blown up! Any ideas please? I'm fed-up of crawling around in lofts changing transformers.
Both Screwfix and the manufactures say they have no knowledge of a quality problem with these particular transformers.
Thanks in anticipation.
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I realise that you posted this some years back. I found your note through a google.

I have the same problem, and its driving me nuts.

Did you ever fix it?
I have the same problem
Highly unlikely. This has never been the case when hijackers such as yourself have said this in the past. Start your own post and tell us YOUR problem.
Steve - not entirely sure what your problem is. I was simply asking if the chap had managed to sort the problem out.

I thought this was a forum for helping people. You have obviously taken it upon yourself to be bitter and twisted. I find it inhuman (sic - sad) when such neanderthal can hide behind computers and spout random quotes: “hijackers” come on, please??

Be a man and find get some mates, or even some wife???

And for the record, and not for pompous Steve, I do have the same problem which you can find posted in diydoctor.org.uk with no reply - hence why I was asking Stu.
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The original post was made in January 2006. The OP has probably got it fixed by now and moved on hence your chance of a reply from him is very remote. Most of us don't post on all of the different forums so will not see your post, it may be better to create a new topic and post your problem.

Yes, I did fix the problem. I replaced the old crappy light switch with a good quality new one (which I think was the main problem) and just to be on the safe side I also replaced all the 50W lamps with 35W. The customer said the bathroom was too bright anyway!

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