Magnaclean and Alpha Cyclone

21 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom
I've just found out about the Magnaclean. I've chased most of the threads here on the subject and the consensus seems to be that it (or of course the Boiler Buddy), is a good thing. I am thinking of having an Alpha combi boiler and there is an optional extra called the Premier Pack which incorporates a device called the 'Cyclone', which :

"..uses centrifugal force to remove debris from the central heating return. The Cyclone can be easily emptied as part of an annual service".

Alpha extend their warranty by 2 years if you opt for the Premier Pack. My question is, would this device make the Magnaclean unnecessary or is it still advisable to have one included in the system?
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Well it has to help. Don't know why the sneering attitude from Simon. They aren't new in themselves but about the only boiler with one integral.
Neither magnetic nor mesh filters catch everything, and I don't suppose the cyclone does either.
Most boilers have some Italian parts in them. Maybe Simon's ragazza has ditched him?
It's significant that the cyclone (if it works at all) and the spirovent have water in the system with no additives such as corrosion inhibitor. They have a detergent effect and will hold particles in suspension, whereas the magnetic devices can remove particles where additives are used.
Thanks for your comments. I suppose, thinking about it, that with both fitted, anything non magnetic e.g. solder blobs (if such things exist in primary circuits), will be flung out of the circulation by the centrifuge.
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Solder blobs are so insignificant as a problem, they are not worth a thought compared with iron corrosion products. You should really do some extensive research to understand heating systems and their problems. There is a long way to go.
Disagree with whoever you are, Mr Moderator.

The Cyclone is only available with an Alpha boiler.

Magnaclean is an aftermarket device that can be fitted to almost any boiler.

Therefore any response that says the cyclone is a good product or otherwise can only be referring to its use with one boiler only.

The OP would not necessarily be aware that no-one here is likely to have compared apples with apples -eg: an Alpha fitted with a Magnaclean vs an Alpha fitted with a cyclone.

Alpha contrive to appear British in their marketing communications, but are in fact sourced from Italy. Because the Cyclone is only available with an Alpha I think this is a relevant point.

Moreover I don't think you have the right to censor it.

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