Masking tape peeling off Zinsser 123

25 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom

Having been used to oil based gloss paint, I've been preparing to use Johnstone's Aqua u/c and gloss. I thought I'd done everything right - gave the old glossed woodwork a good rub down and then gave it a coat of Zinsser 123. A couple of days later I emulsioned the walls and used masking tape on the woodwork. When I peeled it off a couple of hours later, in parts it pulled off the Zinsser. I'd bought the tape in my local independent store so assumed it was a cheap product. When I was buying more emulsion from the Dulux Decorator Centre, I bought their own brand masking tape but the same thing happened. Does this mean I haven't prepped the paintwork properly? Was two days insufficient for the Zinsser to cure, or is using masking tape just a bad idea? I know pros don't use it, but I'm not a pro!

I don't want to move to the undercoat until I know I've got it right with the Zinsser so any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I do remember reading (but can't find it now) that while 123 dries in an hour it can take some time to "cure" even a couple of weeks if it has been overcoated, during this time it can be scraped off fairly easily, that might be the case here, masking tape on any new paint is risky I would always use low tack tape on new paint.
Thanks, the data sheet says it cures in 7 days. Will try the low tack stuff but having read other posts too, masking tape is a dangerous game!
A decent brush and calm approach is all you need. Masking tape, even if successfully applied, can leave a very 'sharp' edge between the adjacent finishes and look unnatural, whereas good cutting in tends to follow the natural separation of the 2 surfaces much better.

My father-in-law was a pro and never (and I mean NEVER) used masking tape and his cutting-in was immaculate every time. Needless to say I was bound to follow his guidance.
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Yes got to say I am with kbdiy on masking tape a good brush (purdy) and a steady hand is all you need.
I do use masking tape from time to time to hold protective sheeting etc in place, or an old envelope to the wall under a hole I am drilling to catch waste. However I only use low tack or some that I have stuck to my hand a few times to kill the adhesive a bit when doing the envelope trick.
Oddly I've rarely used making tape because as you say, walls tend to have a natural line which a brush and a steady hand should be able to follow. This was all newly plastered and I thought a straighter edge would be achievable. Aside from the peeled paint it doesn't look as good. Lesson learned.
I agree with the above advice about cutting in. I only ever use masking tape for joins on vertical surfaces, to get a perfectly straight stripe for example.

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