Master Socket Wiring?

17 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
I have the (What I presume to be) the BT cable coming into the master socket as BLUE to Terminal B and WHITE to terminal A, there are also the following wires connected,I presume theses wires are to a second phone socket....Orange/White 3, Blue/White 2 and White/Blue 5. If a replacement master socket just has pins 1 - 6 would I connected the second phone socket as it is now above?where would the wires connected to A and B go ?
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I hope you're not trying to remove the supplier's NTE from the end of their line. :eek:

The NTE is the property of the service provider, and contains elements used in routine testing of the line. Removing it could result in a visit from an engineer, who would then be entitled to present you with a bill for it's reinstatement, even if you didn't call them out.

The correct way is to leave the NTE where it is, and connect secondary sockets to the IDC connectors behind the front plate. There is no need to touch the supplier's wiring in the back of the box, or connect anything to the screw terminals there.

You just need to connect 2-2, 3-3, (4-4 is optional) and 5-5.

you may get away with moving an NTE to somewhere less obtrusive if you consider it an eyesore, but it should remain as the termination point for the supplier's wiring.
That said, just for reference, the A and B relate to 5 and 2 respectively.

The NTE5a was designed as demarcation point of network wiring and customer wiring, you should not replace this.

As a note, they are trialling a new NTE which is designed to be mounted outdoors and has the 'master' circuitry and then just the terminals to connect to. I believe BT will still fit the first socket if no wiring is ready for them, but they are then only responsible upto the demarcation point outdoors.
Everyone is assuming that your BT master socket to which you refer is an NTE5 version.
Is it by any chance an old model connection block?
If it is, you can add two wires from the outgoing connectors 2 & 5 (currently your blue/white pair) to the input A & B of a new NTE5, and this leaves you with a new NTE5 point without compromising your BT owned connection.
(Be really good and switch the other outgoing wires from the existing socket, that you say serve another extension socket,onto your new NTE5, if you can)

If it is an NTE5 box--as it is owned by BT--you can add two wires from terminals 2 and 5 on the front faceplate part to a new extension socket and do as you like thereafter.

You can get upto 3 wires into an IDC connector if necessary.
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You can get upto 3 wires into an IDC connector if necessary.
The connectors are designed to take a maximum of two wires. Whilst there is space for three or more wires in each terminal, there's no guarantees of reliability.

You should design the wiring layout with that in mind.

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