Weird Phone Extension Socket Wiring

1 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
I just had a look at the phone socket in my lounge and it is wired as follows:
2: Blue with white hoops.
5: Orange with white hoops.
Should it not be:
2: blue with white hoops.
3: orange with white hoops.
5: white with blue hoops.
The white with orange hoops and white with blue hoops are not connected.
The phone functions perfectly.
This is an extension socket not a BT master socket.
The other 2 extension sockets in the house are connected in the conventional manner.
Isn't it necessary for the wires to be in the correct sockets, and also why does it still function without the white with blue hoops wire connected at all?
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It does not really matter what is connected as long as its the same either end........but I am puzzled as to why its wired this way maybe the other leg of the blue/white pair is i state it wont matter if it only used for speech but if you are using BB the signal will drop from the master to the extension sockets as its on split pair
It's actually worse than that. The BT cable terminates just above the front door in one of the old style oval boxes. There are two extension cables exiting that box, one to the ground floor lounge and one to the first floor front bedroom.
Then from the front bedroom a further extension is run to the back bedroom, which is where I plug my BB router in. I can't easily move the router downstairs as the wireless signal will be poor (and it will still be plugged into an extension socket, not a BT master socket).
What's the best way of improving this from the point of BB speed, and will BT fit a modern master socket free of charge under these circumstances? Will this alone help the speed if the connection is still made via the 2 extension sockets?
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Is your router running slow??? it could be because the extension wiring is on split pairs..and why has one leg of the blue/white pair been taken off?? instaed of the one ;leg being faulty the cable maybe faulty,,check with meter if you have one..wireless routers can be a pain in the a@@e I have one and know from experience the speed can drop at the drop of a hat then 30mins later boost up again..I plan to redecorate after xmas and will move my laptop to a wired position...and BT will charge you for a NTE5 one off ebay

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