Wiring of Phone Extension to Master Socket- Help Needed

12 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help. I bought a new house 4 years ago that was supposed to have all room internet and phone sockets. The problem is that none of the extension sockets worked.
This came about as when we first moved in the internet did not work. We got the builders out and they disconnected the extension wires from the master socket. The internet then worked when plugged into the master socket.

I have been away 3 years and now want to get this sorted, I opened the master socket today and it is as follows-

A and B connectors by blue wire with white and white wire with blue. As things stand internet and phone work from master socket.
The bottom removal part has no wires connected and has nubers 2,3,4 and 5 that I can connect to.

When I checked the extension sockets they are-

1- green wire with white
2- blue wire with white
3- orange wire with white
4- white wire with orange
5 white wire with blue
6- white wire withgreen

Can anyone tell me how to get it all working??
Thanks in advance
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slaves seems ok just connect 2,5 and 3 in master then check phones and internet dont forget you will need filters on any used sockets
I would be suspect as to why they was taken off in the first place..but do as the reply says but make sure you use a krone punch down tool as anything else may damage the terminals

Thanks for the advice, I tried that and it didnt work. Phone would but again no internet. However if I connect the blue/ white and white/ blue straight to the A and B points everything works fine (or seems to so far)

What are your thoughts?
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could be a faulty master socket probably.especially as it all works ok if you connect directly to A and B.or you are not making the connections correctly or secure enough,use the proper tool
From our first post it does not seem that you have "all room phone and internet". Unless your socket outlets have two sockets (phone and ADSL) you only have phone sockets that could be used with microfilters.
Where are the AB conneections to which you refer?

Your master socket sounds like an NT5 and symptons suggest a faulty removable faceplate or connection. Google for a pic and confirm.
The extension sockets have to connect to the removable faceplate on the master.
Try a new faceplate with carefully made IDC connections--use a Krone type tool.
Did you at any time have dial tone at any of the extensions or was it purely the internet that didnt work?

If you had no tone at all I would first check the integrity of the cable.

You will need a continuity tester or multimeter.

You will also need to establish whether the extension sockets are masters or slaves. You can usually tell by the presence of a large capacitor on the PCB although I have seen a few recently where the capacitor is on the underside out of view.

Then its going to be a bit of a guessing game as to which way the cable goes round the property between sockets. It may be the nearest one first or the easiest route that a cable was run whildt being built.

Disconnect both ends of the cable and then at one end short out a coloured pair then at the other end test for continuity between the same colours.

If there is continuity conect that colour pair to 2 and 5 on both ends and test to see if a it rings and b you have adsl.

Then do the same between each extension socket until they all work.

If you have slave sockets you will need to prove another colour pair and connect a wire to 3 all through the circuit.

If at any point you test and there is no dial tone or adsl then just disconnect the outgoing cable and your fault will be on from there.

I would probably remove all extensions and wiring first just so you can identify where the fault is. It could be a socket, but I would suspect being a new build that there may be a cable with a nail through it or break somewhere. Saying that though there may be enough working viable conductors in the cable to use if replacing the cable isnt going to be an easy taks.

Thats OK then.
Guess he should have stuck to Woodbines.
You say that when the blue/blue-white wires to the extensions are connected direct to the A&B of the master, then your phones work OK.
This indicates that the integrity of those wires in the extension cable is OK.
In doing that, you have only bypassed the NT5 front plate and its connections. Hence my suggestion that you change that part.
You say that your house should have had "all rooms phone and internet" when you bought it. If it does'n't work call the builders to sort it out. A new house has a ten year warranty and should include this.

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