Materials means materials and not tools right?!

Just my opinion, but I would say charging for the consumables is reasonable. You'll pay for them one way or the other, and the fact he is being so transparent with his costing seems to be a good thing to me, rather than a bad one.

If you are really bothered, you could ask him for all the blunt bits and snapped blades at the end of the job, but I'd let it go if I were you.
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Look at it this way.

If you worked in an office, would you like it if your monthly pay cheque included deductions for pens, photocopies, and how many post-it notes you'd used? No, because that money is what you're paid to work. For your labour. For your knowledge, expertise, and doing the job that you're contracted to do.

Why should your builder accept a pay cut, by buying stuff out of his own money, that is necessary to complete the task you've asked him to do?

If he'd had to hire a special tool would you expect him to foot the bill for that as well?

Most builders would charge you more than they'd paid for stuff like this, be grateful that you've found one so honest. Guys like this deserve platefuls of boasters and battenburg. Not the cheap smart price stuff you give him (and probably charge for :LOL: )
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