Miele novotronic premier 520 washing machine stuck on spin.

8 Feb 2020
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United Kingdom
Hello, new here so looking for help with our Miele washing machine - Novotronic premier 520 model, circa 2007. At end of last wash the machine failed to stop spinning. It seems to be stuck on fast spin mode as only way to stop it is to switch it off with on/off button switch, using the programme selector has no effect now. Irrespective of whether a programme is selected or not as soon as the machine is now turned on by the button switch it sets off on spin.
Seems to me after trying all the obvious things that it maybe the spin solenoid is now permanently stuck on, either failed closed contacts or being told by electronics to stay shut to spin.... Not familiar with pcb controller as to where to find spin solenoid to move forward to better understand problem. See from this forum & others usually it’s the opposite problem of unable to spin or spin at high speed, so a new one here.
Any help greatly appreciated as rest of machine in good condition/working fine to press, please let me know if anything else needed for now to diagnose stuck on spin, thanks.
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pcb is no longer available & technical info on Miele machines not readily available. Can only suggest you buy several relays & replace them all or one at a time. I presume you mean relay & not solenoid as you call them.
Hello, yes solenoid=relay. Bit of a blunt approach, but glad you seem to think it’s spin relay fault rather than electronics keeping it closed/on. Will wait to see if anyone else can help close in on suspect item before working through them in hope.Thanks.
I was basing my suggestion on your diagnosis of it being a relay fault, although I agree it is a potential cause please do not take it that I consider that to be the faulty item, it could easily be another shorted component on the board. Have you examined it closely for signs of overheated components or bloated capacitors?
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If stopping the spin is normally controlled by sensing that the drum has been emptied of water, then perhaps the water-level sensor is sending the wrong message to the controller. I'm not familiar with your machine, but I once had a problem with a machine not starting the spin because the narrow-bore tube that went to a pressure switch to detect water-level had become clogged.
Hello, no obvious signs of damaged or overheating items or solder tracks,etc on pcb, but will give it another inspection.

Thanks info re water level sensor, will check it out but as the pump is not working when programme selector is on finish, ie “no selection (12 o’clock position)”, then maybe a long shot.
As soon as machine is switched on now it immediately starts to spin & that’s even after emptying all the water out via the front panel drain door/filter after pump has done its job. As you say it would not spin if water not pumped out per level sensor requirements, yet here machine spins irrespective of amount of water in it, but hey ho worth checking.

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