Miele WT945 Washer/Dryer - drying stops within 10 seconds

1 Apr 2015
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United Kingdom
Machine Details:
Mod: Miele WT945
Nr: 00/47195932
Type: HWT01

All wash/drain/spin/rinse-out-fluff cycles work correctly

All drying cycles (inc. ‘Timed’ (all durations) with ‘Low Temperature’) fail within 10 seconds as follows (with or without wet clothes):
Dryer motor/fan starts then stops
Heater elements momentarily get powered on then off
Water is sprayed through the detergent dispenser box - correct on a drying cycle?
Machine starts beeping
Indicators go from: ‘On’ + ‘Drying’ (illuminated) to
‘On’ + ’Anti-crease/Finish’ illuminated + ‘Drying’ flashing
(rapid flashing on/off, no sequence)
All within 10 seconds

Following other useful posts here, I’ve done some cleaning and testing, but the problem remains the unchanged:

Dryer fan & fan box cleaned - fan motor and fan spin freely
(fan was clogged but not seized)
Main tub spins freely

Heater Box components (circuit diagram reference in brackets):

Temp Sensor (2R30): 140 kohms (cold) to 17 kohms (heated with hairdryer)
Temp Limiter (F2): 0 ohms continuity when cold
Heater Elements (R3/R4): 2 elements at 50 ohms each

I have a few questions for some kind person here:

Service Mode - Does the Miele WT945 have a Service Mode? The machine doesn’t respond to any of the sequences I’ve seen posted on here.

Moisture Sensor (B3/1) - Shown on the circuit diagram but where is the sensor on the machine? Does the ‘Timed’/’Cool Temperature’ cycle ignore it anyway?

Temperature Sensor (1R30) - Is this relevant or just for the washing water temperature? Is it located between the wash water heater element connections (lower right of main drum)?

Temperature Monitor (F1) - Shown on the circuit diagram component list, but not found on the circuit diagram or on the machine? Does the ‘Timed’/’Cool Temperature’ cycle ignore it anyway?

Drying Relay (K1/3) - Shown on the circuit diagram but where is the relay on the machine?

What should I do next? Any help would be much appreciated.
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I’ve made some progress and managed to get the machine into ‘Service Mode’. It has a single character digital display which displays a ‘2’ when switched into ‘Service Mode’.

In ‘Service Mode’, selecting:

‘Rinse out fluff‘: Initially displayed fault code(s): F-1-4-5-6-7-8 (repeating sequence)
After resetting fault codes: Displayed fault code(s): F-1 (repeating sequence)
After ‘Timed Drying 20 min’ / ’Low Temp’ cycle (failed): F-1-8 (repeating sequence)

All individual function tests appear to work, but selecting:
‘Separate rinse’: All indicators flash on/off (in 2 groups) except the ‘Drying overload’ indicator.

When I try to run a ‘Timed Drying 20 min’ / ’Low Temp’ cycle (or any other drying cycle - they all fail within 10 seconds) initially, water sprays through the detergent dispenser box, before the cycle fails with alarm beeping + ’Anti-crease/Finish’ illuminated + ‘Drying’ flashing (rapid flashing on/off). My previous post gives more details.

Please could someone help with any or all of these questions:

Is this ‘2’ character displayed when switched to ‘Service Mode’ relevant to my problem?
Is the F-1 sequence remaining after a fault codes reset relevant?
Does the F-1-8 sequence represent a single fault (code 18), or two faults (codes 1 and:cool: and what faults do they correspond to for a Miele WT945 Washer/Dryer?
Is water spraying through the detergent dispenser box when drying started part (or all) of my problem, or is this correct for a drying cycle?
Is the test exclusion of the ‘Drying overload’ indicator relevant? It used to flash on the drying cycle, before this drying failing problem, but I’ve cleaned out the fan now.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
I too have a WT945 that refuses to do timed drying.
I too have inspected the condenser channel and found it was OK.
I inspected the 3 main pcb's for obvious problems and found nothing.

I have Miele diagnostic software, however it does not tell me anything. There are no fault messages and it displays the components working fine. My version tells me that there are no updates for this machine also.

I can get it to perform a timed drying cycle if I wash and dry in a continuous run or if I run a spin and then dry....

Please keep me/us updated on anything you find.

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