Misted Double Glazed Windows

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6 Dec 2005
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United Kingdom
My father has aluminium double glazed windows, several of which are misted between the panes because the seals have gone after some twenty-five years. He has seen adverts in the Yellow Pages for companies that claim to fix this problem. Is this a realistic idea? How is it done and does it work? Isn't there a vacuum or some sort of inert gas between the panes? How do they reinstate that? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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just take out old d/g units and replace with new ones :)

original units will be scrapped not worth trying to re-use them.
Simple, they remove the units,split the unit,clean each piece of glass and reseal the unit.
Im friends with a very good glazier and he has always recommended to replace units rather than repair, its quicker, costs around the same and often the old glass is too badly stained by the condensation to cleanup well.
If you need advice on how to remove/measure the units ask away then you can phone around glassworks for qoutes.
while you are on the subject on aliminium frames how do you remove the dg units from them?
thanx :D
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Remove the rubber seal from the inside with a blunt tool, push the dg unit back a bit from the outside then unclip the glazing bar on the front.
Thanks for the advice. Sashwizzard, I can see how they dry out the glass from what you said, but what about reinstating the vacuum or gas between the panes - how do they do that or don't they do it at all and if so will the units work as well in the future?
To be honest you will be hard push to find a glazier that will repair them
double glazed units are made by taking two sheets of pre cleaned glass, seperating them with a hollow spacer bar which is filled with dessicant, and then a seal is made with a very wide pumped glue gun.

there is no vacuum involved and no gasses are normally used. If there was, the general opinion is that the gas would leak out over time anyway.

misting inside occurs if the seal breaks down and allows water vapour in, which the dessicant cannot get rid of

the potential damage which could be caused by splitting the glue seal really makes it unconomical to repair - its cheaper to replace
As an idea of cost, have just ordered two panes for our front window. The larger one is approx 1.65mtrs x 1.40mtrs the smaller is approx .40mrts x .60mtrs 6+6+6mm total cost incl VAT & fitting £275, if the glass thickness was 4mm then cost would have been £100 less.

when you say (if the glass was 4mm) thats not the overall thickness of the unit is it, but the thickness of the separate panes which are stuck on either side? :LOL:
misty1 said:
when you say (if the glass was 4mm) thats not the overall thickness of the unit is it, but the thickness of the separate panes which are stuck on either side? :LOL:

That is correct, as in 4mm + 10mm + 4mm

However I think 6mm Glass must be used on larger areas.

Good advice all round...

Does anyone know where I can source the black seal strip for aluminium windows? I would not want to replace the seals to for the windows to mist-up again.

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