Monitor Ghosting

19 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom
I attached a Samsung 23.6" S24C200 monitor to a Dell 745 SFF PC using a vga2vga cable and the picture is crystal clear. When I connect the same monitor to a Dell Precision 690 workstation using a dvi-i2vga cable I ghosting on the monitor.

I've tried using both a dvi-i2vga cable and a vga2vga cable with dvi-i2vga adapter at one end but I still get ghosting using the workstation. When I connect the workstation to a Dell 19" monitor the picture is crystal clear.

What's going on? Is there a problem with the graphics card in the workstation?
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DVI and VGA are two unrelated and completely different standards, so whatever conversion is being done in the cable/adaptor is causing the problem.
Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand. The workstation only has a dvi-i port at the rear and both monitors are connected at their vga ports. Using the same cable/adapter the Dell monitor does not have any ghosting while the Samsung monitor has ghosting.
Does the monitor not have a DVI-I or DVI-D port? If it does, try using a DVI to DVI cable. Alternatively, does the monitor have an HDMI port. If it does, try using a DVI to HDMI adapter.
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Try a different DVI cable, it may be cheap rubbish.

Also move the cable around - it may be picking up carp from around the back of the PC.
Try changing the resolution and refresh rate.
May be driver related, ensure they are the latest.

Or it could be the samsung monitor is naff.
All sorted!

The monitor has a DVI-D port and the PC has a DVI-I port. So I bought a cable with DVI-D connectors at both ends, and hey presto no more ghosting. Although the previous cable was DVI too I didn't expect the VGA connector to distort the picture so much.

Thanks for all your help.