Moving a consumer unit.

23 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi could you qualified guys give me some guidance please.

I have a split load consumer unit located in my Garage, next to the meter.

Unfortunately as I build race cars the garage is always full of cr4p so when the lights blow one of the mcbs (as always seems to happen when I'm away) my wife has to clamber accross piles of stuff to get to the unit.

I'd like to move the unit to the utility room inside the house. A distance of some 8m. The circuits all run past this location so it should just be simple matter of labelling everything and pulling back the cables for the house circuits and getting longer meter tails & Earth fitted.

1)Unfortunately the new location is directly below a bathroom. Is this a suitable\safe location giventhat there is a remote chance of the bathroom flooding?

2) I've seen the advice to get the REC to pull the main supply fuse and fit an Isolator so that I can safely work on the CU. I had intended to leave the original CU in place, strip out the bus bar and the RCD\MCBs and fit the new meter tails from the 100A isolator in that unit instead. Isn't this one and the same thing? Provided I fit blanking plates to the exposed MCB ports do I need to get the REC to fit an Isolator?

3) Could I still fit the CU in the new location, If I fit a 100a RCD & isolator in the original CU at the meter end Finding anywhere else to fit the new CU is going to be tricky.

4) is 25mm2 the correct grade for meter tails to a 100A CU

Incidentally transferring the earth is easy as there is an external earth block that allows me to connect a new 10mm2 earth in

Many thanks for your advice

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14 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
1: should be ok

2: thats one way round it. only diference being instead of a 2 way enclosure for the isolator itll be a lil biger


4: yes. or you could use 35mm

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