Moving old toilet with concrete waste collar

22 Dec 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I could really use some advice if it isn't too much trouble.

I want to replace an old toilet and install another in a different location. The old toilet has a waste pipe that seems to have a concrete collar. I aim to make this waste pipe redundant and reposition the new toilet with the waste going into the current soil stack (boxed in, in right hand corner).

1. Do I need to be careful removing the old toilet waste pipe or can I just knock out below tile level and cap / concrete then re tile?

2. Can I then install a new toilet on the back wall with waste into current soil stack?

Any help much appreciated.



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Old salt glazed drain.
Needs capping where it's connected to rest of drains probably in a inspection chamber.
Very bad practice to leave unused drains as dead legs if drains block can fill with nasties also give rats a nice place live.
Thanks for the reply Exedon. So assuming I lift the Inspection Chamber and find and cap (not exactly sure how to do this), how can I ensure that a neighbours property doesn't connect to my waste pipe prior to the Chamber and by capping the Chamber, I don't inadvertently cause them issues? Sorry for my ignorance in this regard. Paul.
Dye test from the WC will determine where the drain goes to, as above, ideally you need to cap it at both ends and seal the redundant run to prevent possible rodent issues.

Where do you plan to site the new WC position?
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Hi Hugh.

I want to position the toilet on the back wall so turning the new toilet through 90 degrees with waste into soil pipe (boxed in).

Would I not need to dye test from my neighbours houses?

Dye test would prove the run from that WC. If no other flow from that pipe then you can assume nothing else connected.

Before doing too much else though I would be investigating the suitability of the stack for a connection at that point. Various factors, including the depth of the bend and outgoing sewer, (if it's less than 450mm than no connection is permissible), have you got enough usable stack to connect into before it goes into the drain, and access to the incoming water stoptap etc which would then be behind the soil pipe from the new WC position.

Given you will probably have to dig down to cap off the current WC outlet connection, you may find you are better to reroute the existing drain to pick up the proposed new WC position.
Really appreciate your advice Hugh. I will get a picture of the soil stack uncovered but yeah, the stop tap could well be the deciding factor.
Chuck a pint of milk down to test, no need to bother with specialist dyes.

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