two toilets

3 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
I am installing two toilets side by side. I only have one soil stack and one waste pipe into the building from that soil stack. The area behind the toilets is very tight.

Is it possible to use a branch (t junction) off the back off one of the toilets (the one nearest the soil stack) with a flexible waste attaching this to the stack pipe and a second flexible waste attaching the second toilet to the branch? in this way there will be very little gradient from the second toilet to the branch. i am also worried that the toilet nearest to the stack will fill up whenever i flush the second toilet as the waste will effectively be passing by that toilet whenever it is flushed.
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I expect that you would have problems of sucking the other toilet when one is flushed.

And backing up if both are flushed at the same time.

Perhaps a solution would be to use a macerator on one toilet?

If you look at the manifold system shown, all the outlets into the minifold pipe are from above!

Do you really have space and height to do this arrangement???

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no; it looks like i dont have teh space to use that manifold system then.

if i allow the gradiant to be 19mm over a metre (my toilets are about 0.5 metre apart) will this be sufficient to prevent the sucking that agile mentioned? or (and i am more concerned about this) the lower toilet collecting waste from the higher one when the higher one is flushed?
sarahproperty said:

i just found this on the web. the very last bit on that page discusses manifold systems. could this be the answer? anyone know how this would work?
.If you could follow the diagram on the bottom of the will all Agile need a slight bend from the pan to the run of pipe as per diagram..........Flat conversion, is it ;) or has your moniker misled me :oops:

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