Moving Soil pipe into vent pipe

I think you need to consider the material you will be working with just a tad more.

I'm not even sure you can legally cut asbestos cement.
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Assuming the outside vent pipe does lead to the same place as the soil pipe (using a hose to put water in from the top as a check) I will be removing the cemented in toilet completely and capping off the soil pipe in the floor in the bathroom. A hole would be cut in the wall for the new soil pipe which will align directly behind the vent pipe on the outside wall. The vent pipe would be cut approx 200mm from the ground level removing the top portion of the asbestos pipe, leaving the bottom part which is cemented in to the ground and replacing with plastic pipe using a tee to connect the 3 pipes.
Does this sound ok ?
Incidentally what is the best method to cap off the old soil pipe in the floor of the bathroom ?

I agree with Doitall, you cannot cut the asbestos, forget about even doing it.

I would have dug up the floor in the bathroom by now and have it back filled, probably started tiling too. ;)
FYI, it's not asbestos cement, the toilet is cemented in the concrete floor with normal cement.
The only thing asbestos is the vent pipe. Are you saying that it is illegal to cut asbestos pipe ? I would have thought that taking the correct precautions (mask, cutting it wet, not using power tools, etc) would be ok just for one pipe. What would a plumber do when confronted with a small asbestos job ?
You can't DIY asbestos, it is illegal i'm sure of it.

I have explained what a Plumber would do and it doesn't involve even going outside.

How do you propose that you join onto this asbestos after you have cut it?

I don't feel that you fully understand the implications of cutting this pipe.
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I've checked with Google, and you can legaly remove your own asbestos as long as you dispose of it correctly. I'm quite aware of the hazardous nature of asbestos and would be happy to do it. I would'nt want to dismantle an asbestos shed, but cutting one pipe, i could handle that.
I just dont fancy digging up the bathroom as the other alternative.
Yes, you're right kev, i'll remove all of the old vent pipe from the ground up and install a new plastic stack.

Thanks to everyone for all of your help and advice.
. What would a plumber do when confronted with a small asbestos job ?
Run a hose in the top of the vent. Light a Players Navy Cut ciggie and Enjoy it while waiting for the dreaded fibre to become fully soaked ;) then cut the pipe @ ground level with a disposable saw (£6.00 ). Have another fag, chuck the pipe in the van...and renew the stack all the way in plastic, because when the house is sold some tit with a clipboard will faint when he/she sees the asbestos stub :rolleyes: Charge you extra £25 for the danger- (£ 6.00 for the ciggies, £6.00 for the saw, and the rest for wrapping/driving to designated site for asbestos disposal) That`s what I would do :LOL:
Cheers Nige, sounds like good advice. I've just realised all the gutters are asbestos as well :eek: But I guess that's for another day.
You should be able to take it down in whole lengths, then you double wrap it in plastic sheet and your local tip will take it.

Break or cut it and they won't.

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