Moving the lower part of a soil stack

17 Apr 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I want to move the lower part of my soil stack as we are looking to re-arrange the utility room but as you can see from this picture, the washing machine door hits the soil stack so i was thinking of moving the soil stack.

Can i put a bend or curve (135deg) in just before it goes into the ground ?

Do I need an inspection access ?

I just want to move it to the right as low as possible.

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You appear to have CI pipe up to a WC connector (Multikwik?), from there up its plastic pipe and fittings.

Presumably, this soil and vent pipe is picking up a toilet(s) and maybe fixtures above?

You might have to work down from above, dismantling the fittings in the floor. Perhaps post a pic of whats directly above?

If you cut the CI soilpipe just below the clean-out then you will have a CI stub to work from.

If you are happy having "Multikwik" connectors in the assembly then you could push an angled WC connector into the CI stub to roll away to the right, and work vertical from that to wherever it will pick up at the ceiling.

Or, use a Fernco CI to Plastic connector and roll to the right from the Fernco re-using, maybe, an angled fitting(s) from above (pic 2).

You might, like in pic 2, have to cut a little of the brick corner away.

Any house sale survey would notice the Illegal use of the Multikwik - your call.
Install a clean-out.

Some of the push-fit fittings from pic 2 could be re-used. Push-fit seals can be re-newed.
Your electrical connection (!) appears to have only one feed for three appliances?

Your wall plaster is in contact with the concrete floor.

The rim of concrete circling the base of the soil pipe is a suspicious arrangement. Do you ever smell sewage odours in the utility room?

Just saying.
Thanks Ree. This current arrangement of the soil stack was already here when we bought the house back in 2009. Yes, up stairs is a toilet, bath and sink which all connect to the soil stack and then its up and out of the roof for the ventilation.

My plan was to use slip couplers so i didn't have to remove the upper stuff.

Is is ok to install a 135deg curve just above it ? Is there a minimal length the vertical section needs to be ?

RE the electrical. The other 2 appliances are not plugged in ;)

No smells. We have just paint it all white if that's what's throwing you off.

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just above what?

135 degree fitting(s) are way to go.

By all means use slip couplings - i deliberately left the detail down to you.

No min. length. Try to drop into 135 as above, and not into a ninety.
Was the pipe external at any time - eg has the utility room been added later?

If you cut the pipe immediately above the concrete, you need to be very careful. The cast iron will be cemented into a clay pipe with a socket, below the surface of the concrete. Over time, the iron rusts, expands slightly and cracks the socket of the clay pipe. If there is any fracture there at the moment, the action of cutting the pipe will make it worse. Result? a smelly utility room.
No, never external. The utility room was part of the house when it was built.

I won't cut just above the concrete, probably just below the inspection access. No signs of cracks or fractures. I'll be cutting it with a angle grinder and a metal cutting disc.

Remove the inspection cover plate before any cutting - and pack newspaper down inside the pipe below your proposed cut, this will prevent any debris going down.

Leave the cover off, and after cutting in so far, you could do a couple of short vertical cuts up to the clean-out opening.

Now, snap some CI off and you will gradually have room to work your angle grinder to the back of the CI pipe.

Take care the pipe doesn't drop on you as you cut away.

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