MSN Messenger. unwanted messages when not signed in

3 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
Version 7.5 on laptop and have just installed a wireless connection on laptop. I keep receiving messages from friends even tho im not signed into messenger. When i do sign in i have set my status to offline.

Any ideas as this is annoying.
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I'm not an MSN user myself, but are you sure that it doesn't try and sign in automatically when an Internet connection is established? Now you have a wireless connection, this would appear seamless. There may be an option you can set to prevent this.
My MSN install (Ver 7.5) connected as soon as i connection to the internet was made by default. This can be reset to manual connection.

Can't remember how a the moment as not on my home PC.
you will probably find that its running in the back ground on boot up (when you start your pc)

to check what is running when you start up do the following

go to start> run > type in msconfig > click ok > click on the start up tab

you will find a list of all the programs running on your pc when you start up.

you will probably find it in there (usually calls ms something)

untick it

click apply then ok


it will now only start when you want it too

hope this helps

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Will try this. thanks.
Other peoples computer tell them im on line but a still have to put my password in and username etc to connect properly and check emails so defo not on automatic signin as i turned that off.
Having the same problem...just installed xp...set up four user acounts for the wife an kids.......installed MSN if i log wifes name comes up as being online, if I click on it...and type a message the message pops up on my messenger! I going mad or what?

The ms config way work but I doubt it in this case

Dan you method works a treat but when i boot im in selective mode. how can i untick the ms... items and still boot up in normal mode? Or selective mode perfectly ok to boot my computer everytime..
There should be a setting (in messenger) which says something like 'start application when Windows starts'. You just need to uncheck this box.
Igorian this is nothing to do with it but thanks anyway. Its doesn't start when windows does as i still have to sign in with password etc. (Already ticked to not start) What Dan is ir right so have the computer running in selective mode now. when in normal mode it just happens again and problem still exists . Only seemed to happen when installed the wireless router and modem... Strange.
Try uninstalling MSN and then see if it still happens. It's possible that Windows Messenger (as opposed to MSN) is the culprit. Have you checked the Windows Messenger settings?

Selective mode is for diagnosing problems and not for normal running.
Sorry, where would you find windows messenger.. Cant say i have used this or am i being dumb.. Only ever chatted using MSN so this could may well be the problem and need to check settings.
Well, I am assuming you are running XP. Windows messenger is a very similar application and uses the same passport as MSN. It is part of XP itself rather than a 3rd party app.

You will find it in your programs list START>PROGRAMS>Windows Messenger. Then click Tools, Options and then Preferences to see if it starts up with windows and runs in the background.
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