My phone contract is up.

funny, what securespark reported about 24 months total cost of ownership being cheaper if youbuy the phone offline and get a sim only deal... ive ever found that (though I do that myself). e.g. getting an iphone 5s plus unlimited everything including calls and data allowance, insurance etc for 38 a month from voda was impossible to replicate cheaper as components..

what tickles me about phone stuff, I know people who regularly spend around 250 quid a month on their lunch, agonise over how expensive a 40 quid a month phone is.. halving that line rental wouldn't even be 10% of one of their 3 squares..

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Take a 32GB iphone 5s from Amazon (£365), add a Vodaphone SIM only unlimited calls, texts and 10GB data for £27.20 per month.

That equals £1017.18 over 24 months, or £42.38 per month. CPW sell the same package pay monthly for £50 per month.

Yes, you might want to add insurance, but my household insurance covers mobiles, even out of the house and even if you bought a specific package, it would still beat that price. OK, not by a load, but most deals save a lot more. It's just that you can't get Apple stuff for such a big discount on the grey market as you can Android.

If you swapped from Voda to a different network, you could save loads more: as said before, Vectone sell an unlimited SIM for a tenner a month. That's £25.21 per month: halving the CPW contract cost.
Probably should have mentionEs this was back in sep13 when the 5s was just out.. And it included vidaphone passport which Allowed free calls and data while roaming.

I should also add that I've never actually gone for a contract phone and I still use a Nokia n900 from ebay for 80 quid and an O2 sim only..

Though I see where you're coming from, I do find that if you want a brand spanking new phone and a good deal on minutes to go with it, getting it on contract in the past has worked out better. I've come to regard the contracts as a sort of mobile phone loan with the added bonus that they're chucking in minutes and texts. These things are worth very little to the network but quite a bit more to the consumer
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