Mobile Phone Charges

no not at all,i was with vodaphone for about 14 years on pay as you go.then as the deals got cheaper went to virgin and apart from the dog eating my phone found it crap coverage.
only had 1 issue with 3 and that was when the network went down at home,but at work was working a ok.phoned them up and got a refund/discount.
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Have looked at Talk Mobile as well. Run by CPW on Voda.

I could have 2 x Ace 2 handsets with 350/5K/1GB on each for £35.

Decisions, decisions!
think you have to decide what phones are you both going to like because your going to be stuck with them for anything up to 2 years,and as you know 2 years is a bloody long time to be stuck with something that techno wise going to be obsolete?
in my thinking as they are still punting the s2 then my s3 is going(fingers crossed)to be still a half decent phone in the time i have the contract for.
on mine theres still loads i havnt figured out how to use,so by my reckoning by the time mines up i wouldve figured out how to use the bloody thing properly,lol.
as these things are more and more like little computers what are your needs.
Technology...Hmm... See your point! But I don't think it'll worry us. We're hardly cutting edge!

Our current handsets are the SE K800i, around since 2006 or before!!

So if we can live with 6 years, two years will be hardly run in!!

Unexplained behaviour at phones 4U.... Had a chat with a girl about my options, compared their deals with one 3's shop gave me, then as I was about to leave, another assistant approached and tried to get me to sign the bit of paper (that the shop were keeping) the girl had written the info. on.

Just looked online at P4U and they have shed-loads of complaints about dodgy behaviour.
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Can't decide whether to get Galaxy Aces for us or the Ace II.

Can't decide how much allowance we should get.

Can't decide whether to get a Huawei G300 for me instead.

Tarrifs range from 7.50 (175/5K/250) to 30 (750/1500/1GB).

And instead of being locked in for 2 years, would it be better (albeit more expensive) to buy an unlocked handset with a SIM only deal?

Can you help me decide?
It's not so much her suffering as you poor kind folk!

I'm having a dilemma as to what to do for the best. Mrs S is with O2. To my mind, O2 and especially their PAYG, is very expensive.

Rang O2 today for a PAC. He tried to persuade me to stay.

He helped me by telling me what her current average usage was: 225m and 106 texts per month. She currently uses no data on her K600i.

He cannot match the Talk Mobile deal, but claims a 12 month contract (TM's is 24) would be better for us. Even so, he offers a Samsung Galaxy Ace with 200m/UL/100MB for £16 per month.

Our current best deal is a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 with 250/5000/500 for £15.

But, muddying the waters is the fact that we get a £5 discount off our O2 home phone & BB if we have an O2 mobile.

Can't get my head round what to do for the best....
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OK guys! You'll be more than thrilled to know I'm nearly there!

I have narrowed it down to either:

A 24m contract with 250/5000/1GB on Talk Mobile including Ace 2.

Total cost £360, but tied for 2 years.

Purchase an unlocked Ace 2 (£160) then use a GiffGaff sim with a £10 goodybag.

This works out at £400, but the handset will accept other sims if you want to change to a better (or bigger) deal in the future.


Change the GG sim to Virgin. Same allowance but for £9, and I get the benefit of using both Orange & T Mobile's network.
And still a monthly contract. Over 24 months this would work out at £376.

See? I knew I would get there in the end.

What do you mean you'd worked that out days ago? Get away!
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