My Suitcases Packed An At The Frontdoor :(



as a came in before ..... :( :( :(

stood there an was stunned ........heart racing I thought

Im I going...... or her indoors .. ???????????????? :(

Let me explain ....

I went too the pictures before an my wife had half a day holiday an went shopping ,
she came home I left her making my father some dinner ...all ok :)
we have him staying cos his house got some fire damage an its being done up...

I went in the lounge to see my father sat there stony faced an very angry ...

I went into the kitchen to see my tearful wife sat at the dinner table ,

after I had gone out,
apparently my *wonderful*(said sarcastically ) father started on her,

"why wasnt he a grandad yet , ?? !" :( ... UUUUURGHH...!!!!!!!

my wife who is usually very placcid/easy going
(has to be, to put up with me ...)
explained how after losing our baby she cannot have any more ...

thinking this was enought to stop his moaning insensitive questioning ...

OH NO ...thats not his style .....

so he he launches into
" Why dont you adopt ?"
"you can even get them foreign kiddies ,if the social won't let you have any white ones,I dont mind a darkie grandkid ..!!"

DOH ...:( :( :( :( :(

this was when she went mental an gave him a right b*llocking, !
the nasty old GET ...:( :(

I was fuming now,
an already to jump up grab the nearest knife go in there an stab him to death ......nasty EVIL Old Fool .....
how dare he ...he can call me,
I was never good enough in his eyes ,
but when all said an done this nasty mans my father could he be so cruel to my wife ... ????

I got up an went an hugged her,an kept telling her how deeply sorry I was ... .....VERY UPSET ..... :(
after about half an hour ....
she calmed me down ,

an told me she had rung his neighbour Trudy ,
she had asked her if my father was ok to stop with her ,
she said " Yeah , fine ...has he been upsetting you ?"

I loaded his stuff in my wifes car ... an I have dropped him off ...
I never said a word to him driving there .......
I think if I had started I wouldnt stop myself ...

I thanked Trudy
who told me "not to be to hard on him Hhmm! "

lol...lets see how she fairs after putting up with him

when I got back home my wife had made me some sarnies an told me she still wanted to go out tonight with her sis , as she had planned ,

she was a lot calmer an made light of it ...
an she told me not to dwell on it ...
an she needed a good drink tonight

I just said Im glad the mean s*ds gone ...

an I first thought she was chucking me out ;)

"Nah ! " she said if I had upset her that much .... she would just stab me to death in my sleep :) ;)

I must say Im calmer now but I could quite easily of battered him ....

anyway just glad that nasty piece of work is out of the house ....

his house should be done this time next week lets hope he doesnt make Trudy kill him til then ;)

Families Eh ....... who would have them ....????
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Tough day Moz....
not like rowing over the car or the supper....
sensitive stuff for you and mrs Moz today.
sorry to hear that...
Glad your dad is staying elsewhere tonight.
We know his neighbour is just trying to say what she thinks is right at the time to smooth things over but sometimes it can inadvertently make it ten times worse..
And sometimes.. its hard for others to know what to say to make it better.

I guess right now you dont want people giving their two pennith worth anyway??

Just want to be able to vent and for people to just... listen for a bit?

I dont know.. but I hope you both ok soon.
"I guess right now you dont want people giving their two pennith worth anyway??"

couldnt careless really as he was never a good father ... :(

I bet no one here has worse/rotten family members .. ?? lol ;) :)
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