need channel for shower enclosure

2 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi, we’ve had to take our shower cubicle off the wall to replace some broken tiles but one of these brackets/channels (?) was stuck to the tiles and has been damaged while removing it so we need a new one. I’ve found wall profiles but with very limited options and the sizes don’t match. How/where can we get a replacement for this one? The frame of the shower fits into it, not the glass itself. The gap the shower slots into is 18mm, the part that fits to the wall is 40mm but we can only find 36mm (With 18mm gap) so it won’t reach the existing holes in the tiles. Can anyone advise? I feel like I’m in hell and we have no shower

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.


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Sorry ,don't follow your description. What won't reach holes in tiles ? The wall profile ( wall channel) gets screwed to wall through tiles ,and the shower enclosure fits into it. As long as the shower sits at least 15 mm into the wall profile ( both sides) all should be ok ??
Sorry, I meant the holes in the tiles where the old one was fixed to the wall. I was hoping we could get exactly the same size so we can use the holes already there, rather than making ones.

Is it called a wall channel? Do you know where I can buy them?
The position of the holes in the wall channel vary from one manufacturer to another. So you either drill holes in the new one to align with holes in tiles ,or you drill new holes in tiles / wall to suit , and fill old holes in tiles with silicone. You tell us that you have found wall profiles. Why won't they do ? Only knowing the manufacturer of your shower might enable you to get replacement parts ,and often they can't anyway.
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The shower was here when we moved in and there's no manufacturer details on it as far as I'm aware. I'm a woman by the way, which hopefully explains me not knowing what I'm talking about lol.

This is what I've found, I'm a bit shocked there's only one website that sells these things.

The (bit that goes against the wall) width of the ones I've found are 36.5mm and the one we've taken off is 39.9. The website does both sizes but the 39.9mm have an internal width of 21mm so too wide for ours to fit into.

Ok thanks for your help, I'm going to order one and either make new holes or see if it will fit into the old ones, like you said. Thanks
Is the Height of your existing one 1500 mm ?
There must be other suppliers than the one you linked to.
No I've just measured it, it's 1850mm but they do a 1900 one so I'll order that and have it cut to the right size. Honestly, I can't find another website that sells them. It's fine though, I was overthinking it all, panicking I think because things had gone from bad to worse as the original 'simple' job created more and more work lol. It'll fit just fine, we've just had another look at it all.

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