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Neighbours garden office lose of light ?

Discussion in 'Building Regulations and Planning Permission' started by Bobballs, 2 Apr 2012.

  1. Bobballs

    2 Oct 2007
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    United Kingdom

    The people who bought the house next to me want to put a garden office in at the back of the garden, it will go right up to the fence (boundary), at the end of my garden next to it is my green house and veg patch. The garden office the neighbour wants will effectively block off most of the light that came into my greenhouse and veg patch.

    Looking at the rules apperently he can he build his garden office right up the boundary is that correct and if its within 1 meter it can't be any higher than 2.5m ? Also do I have any come back on the lose of the light part of it ?

    I liked my green house and veg patch :unsure:
  2. big-all

    12 Jul 2004
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    United Kingdom
    yes 2.5m is correct
    have you asked them about possibly moving it or at least expressed you concernes

    is there garden crowded ?? they can only cover 50% off the origional garden area as the house was built or as the footprint in1948

    50% includes sheds extensions garages decking
    also they must not use it for sleeping without planning permission

    best talk to them first and look for a solution :D

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