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Nest Gen 3 altering its schedule on its own?

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by ericmark, 26 Apr 2021.

  1. ericmark


    27 Jan 2008
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    Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
    United Kingdom
    The thermostat is not really in the best place, when I got Nest Gen 3 I was under the impression it was compatible with the Energenie MyHome TRV's we already had, and I could hard wire thermostat to heat link with just two wires, at 12 volt as there is some where a joint in the cable as starts red. yellow, blue and ends brown, black, grey and one core open circuit, so did not want 230 volt on this cable.

    What I did not realise is my hall is slow to cool, every room has a door to outside and living room and kitchen alternative heating, so since outside door in hall never used, and hall centre of house, it seems a good place for the thermostat, and wires already there.

    But since a distance from radiators it takes time to warm up, so over night 16°C and at 9 am moves to 16.5°C, 11am 17°C, 1pm 17.5°C, 4:30pm 18.5°C and 6pm 19°C and 00.15am back to 16°C it is not that we want the hall at these temperatures, but it causes the heating to run on a regular basis so the 9 programmable TRV heads can control the rooms. The hall takes too long to cool, so every other room is cold before the boiler runs again if we try to set a single day temperature, hind sight is easy, should have got a thermostat that links to the TRV's I thought I had, but seems google removed support, so to correct would cost a lot of money both wall thermostat and TRV heads would need changing.

    However it works well enough, until I realise on a lovely warm day at 10am the central heating is running, and I find Nest has got a new scheduled change at 10 am to 18.5°C, which we have not programmed in, first time I thought wife must have been cold and turned dial and Nest had learnt, but it has happened again, Nest seems to have added at 10am 18.5°C.

    For domestic hot water every other day it runs 8am to 8:30am there is no tank thermostat simple thermo-syphon. This is deleted during winter months.

    Some times in the evening not warm enough and I will turn it up again, but in the morning I want house reasonable cool as sun can cause it to get too hot.

    So any ideas why Nest adds 18.5°C at 10am? I have never tried to use Nest Mini to control heating, but we have got I think 7 of them, mainly as no radio reception in the house.
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